Chevy’s Restaurant Review

Kualapu`u Cookhouse, fine food, laid back style.

What’s this? Extra tables and chairs in front of Kualapu`u Cookhouse? This can only mean one thing – it’s Thursday night and the prime rib is being made to order! But don’t worry, if your not a prime rib person there’s plenty more being offered on the menu.

For those meat lovers out there who are not in the mood for prime rib, there’s rack of lamb with Jim Dean demi-glaze, and bbq baby back ribs with guava BBQ sauce to be considered.

Got a taste for fish? Well, the Cookhouse offers two types of fish. How does spicy crusted ahi with cilantro sauce and sautéed opakapaka with lilikoi butter grab ya? And let’s not forget the bacon wrapped stuffed crab shrimp with sweet chili sauce!

All the specials come with a salad and a choice of six dressings, along with potatoes or rice and a healthy helping of tasty vegetables.

For those of you who left room for dessert, the Cookhouse offers some scrumptious desserts that will satisfy the most demanding sweet tooth.

While there will be a wait, there’s usually some local talented musicians to occupy your mind while the tantalizing smells from the kitchen only build the anticipation of what’s to come.

But the Cookhouse also offers a filling breakfast and lunch. Anything from the traditional loco moco (which comes in pulled pork as well) and a stack of macadamia nut pancakes that will hit the spot for you breakfast lovers. The teriyaki chicken, and even the vegan burger, will satisfy mostly anyone’s hankering for good food.

Regardless of which meal you’ll be coming for to the Cookhouse, remember that the food is made to order so please be patient. The Cookhouse always serves you plenty so come hungry. Depending on what came on the barge, the staff will pretty much make your food to suit your needs.

The Cookhouse has indoor (no air conditioning) and outdoor seating. The restaurant only accepts cash or check, or you could barter to wash some dishes.

The prices are reasonable for the local area. The wait staff is friendly and helpful with suggestions so, feel free to ask questions. The restrooms are clean and have a Hawaiian theme to boot.

So when visiting Kualapu`u Cookhouse remember this is Molokai, slow down, talk story with the locals or visiting tourist. The food is onolicous and definitely worth the wait!


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