Chess League Seeking Molokai Members

My name is Louis Tomsic. I am a Tournament Director in Hawaii for the U.S. Chess Federation. I have a chess club on chess.com called the Molokai Chess Club. We will be competing in the Hawaii Chess Federations, Hawaii Chess League starting in mid December 2020.

The Molokai Chess Club on chess.com needs you as a member so we can compete with other teams from Hawaii on chess.com. It is free to join chess.com and play online chess. You can make friends from all over the world. Pick a user name and password and sign up for free.

Chess.com gives you one free chess lesson a week, three free chess puzzles a week to solve and unlimited free chess games to play. Please sign up on chess.com and join the Molakai Chess Club. I would like to help Molokai improve in the game of chess. When you are a member of the Molokai Chess Club, you can play in free live chess tournaments, free live team matches, free vote team chess, and free daily team matches. Please become a member of the Molokai Chess Club on chess.com. Do something exciting today!

Louis Tomsic


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