Challenge on the Open Seas

Youth in Motion presents the Molokai Challenge for 2008. 

By Zalina Alvi

Looking for a challenge? How about racing from Maui to Molokai for charity?

On Aug. 30, Youth in Motion is presenting the Molokai Challenge 2008. Contestants will have to travel the 15 miles from Maui to Molokai in any non-motorized craft, which applies to windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailboats with or without kits, canoes with kites, outrigger canoes, one-man canoes, paddle boards, stand-up paddle boards, kayaks and many others.

The teams will be split up into divisions, with adults, adults with at least one youth under 18 years, youth (all under 18 years), and the Cruising Class for those who are only fundraising and not competing.

Each team will raise money and 50 percent of the funds raised above the entry fee will go to a community fund on Molokai and be distributed to Molokai youth groups. The other half will go to a charity of the team’s choice.

In return, prizes and a challenge await those who participate. With the cost of entering – $135 until May, and $150 after that – everyone will also get a ferry back to Maui, transfers and shuttles on Molokai, a barge will ship al their clothes and equipment to and from Maui, an event jersey and a ticket to the Awards Banquet.

Help is still needed with securing sponsors and publicity, organizing on the two islands and to chair the individual divisions. To help out or to register, contact Clare at 553-4227, 336-0946 or clare@molokai-outdoors.com. You can also go to www.molokaichallenge.com for more information.


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