Challenge Day

Island schools create safe environment.

By Vicki Newberry, Principal at Aka`ula School

Our Aka`ula Challenge Day was amazing, to put it succinctly. We played games, celebrated our achievements, and took time to look at the events that have shaped our lives. Then we did some soul searching for ways to let go of the hurts incurred as well as to make amends for those we have given.

Students from Aka`ula and Molokai High School created ‘change teams’, which have been actively engaged in making their campuses welcoming and safe for students, staff, and visitors. The culmination was a series of workshops to educate the youth on positivity, safety, and cooperation.

Our job now is to walk our talk and to be a part of a community that strives to ensure that each young person feels "safe, loved, and celebrated."

All 46 students (sixth-eighth graders), 14 adults (including five teachers), and the two trainers, Nola Boyd and Michael Allen participated in the positive event. They agreed unanimously that the day was life changing.


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