Ceramics for College Credit

MAC News Release

Beginning Aug. 28, the Molokai Arts Center (MAC), in cooperation with UHMC-Molokai, will offer three classes in ceramics for college credit. The classes fulfill the fine arts requirement for Associate of Arts and Liberal Arts degrees. Classes will be held at the MAC, W/F, 12-2:50. Semester ends on December 20, 2019. Classes being offered are: ART 105, Introduction to Ceramics, no pre-requisite required; ART 243, Ceramics: Hand Building, pre-requisite ART 105 or permission of instructor; ART 263, Ceramic Sculpture, pre-requisite ART 243, 244 or permission of instructor.

Classes are taught by Dan Bennett, assisted by April Maddela, MAC studio manager. Sign up now to start work toward a degree and explore the fascinating field of ceramics. Although the registration deadline is Aug. 1, late registration is available until the beginning of the semester. Contact UHMC-Molokai to register at hawaii.edu, or call 553-4490 and ask Stephanie Dudoit for assistance.


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