CEOs of Community Bulletin Board

Some person(s) is taking down other people’s notices of events, sales, etc. before the day of the event.  Why?  Thank you to the Molokai businesses (Bank of Hawaii, Friendly Market, Wines & Spirit, Kualapu`u Market, Post Offices, and others) that allow posts on their establishment bulletin boards such as Celebrations of Life, Concerts, Yards Sales, athletic sport games, fundraising, sales and want ads.  It is a very important communication resource to the Molokai community.

For example, there were signs to let residents know of last Saturday’s high school football game.  Many of the signs were taken down before the event within 24 hours of their posting. They were replaced and then taken down in 24 hours again.  Why?  Sometimes the boards are cluttered with past events and to the good Samaritans who take these down: it is good but not before the event is complete.

How would you feel if your family and/or friends put up a notice inviting people to your celebration of life service, let’s say Sept. 3, and someone took them down a week before?  Do you care if they are there?  Maybe not – cause you are not there.  Whoever this person is, please stop.  Mahalo.

On another note, 20 acres of land at Barbers Point, Oahu is being developed for solar energy to produce enough energy for 5,000 homes.  Why not the same on Molokai?
Larry Helm
Concerned Citizen


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