Census Job Interview – Thursday

Crew Leader: Leads and regularly meets with Enumerators in the field to provide on-the-spot assistance and supervision.
Pay: $16.50-$18.50/hr.
Crew Leader Assistant: Assists Crew Leader with all field duties, including appointment and training of new hires and
assigning work to the enumerators. Pay: $15.00-$17.00/hr.

Enumerator/Lister: Completes assignments which involve locating and listing addresses (in 2009), and (in 2010) conducting interviews with
respondents. Pay: $15.00 to $17.00/per hour. (Greatest number of jobs on Molokai'i will be this one.)

You will receive 40 hours of paid training. I do not know how many job openings we have for Molokai'i, however, I have been told that we will hire over 3000 people for the State Of Hawaii.

There are two tests, one at 10am and one at 12pm (noon). Please give me your first and second choice.
Please bring to the test the proper identification, proving you are 18 years of age,
and have the legal right to work in the U.S.A.
You will need:
A U.S. passport; or,
A valid picture ID such as a non-expired:
State Drivers License, or State ID card, & Social Security card;, or
State Drivers License, or State ID card, & State issued Birth Certificate.
The test is 28 questions, all multiple choice. Only 30 minutes are allowed to complete the test.
You must correctly answer 10 of the 28 questions to pass. However, those who answer the most questions
correctly will score higher and be interviewed for a job first. You may take the test as often as you
like, however, I do not know of plans to come back to Molokai'i before hiring and training.
To do well on the test, we suggest you go to and practice it.
Please tell anyone you know who needs work, about this opportunity!
And bring a friend! Any one who shows up, is 18 years old or older,
and has the required proof of right to work, I will take their application
and test them, if there is space to do so.
Mahalo and much Aloha!
Robert "Bob" Alsman,

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