Celebrating Life

The sudden passing of someone dear can be hard to take. Yet it teaches me things as well. When the last breath of my life is released, I want to know with confidence that I’ve done my best to let those around me know and feel how truly special they are and how very much they are loved. It is not a noble thing I seek. I only seek to be the human I was meant to be.  Our days are limited. How will we choose to spend our time together? I hope we will choose to spend our time building memories as fond as I have found you to be. Let’s not bicker and quarrel. Instead, let us celebrate each other’s presence and the gift of having met in this life so brief. I think of the billions and billions of people in this world I could have met and the many, many places I could have been, yet I am here and I have met you. This makes me truly blessed.

Michael Hino


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