Molokai Dispatch 2009 Survey

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

EC Bloc Fights Back

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Machado and Corbiel return to KAL Board despite protests from community

The heavy tension at the meeting finally boiled over and became uncontrollable during the discussion of the re-opening of project #7, the water moratorium, as the proceedings degenerated into shouting, displays of anger, name-calling, and attempts at physical violence.

President Crivello hastily adjourned the meeting just before 7:00 pm, and the many personal conflicts on display afterward were intense enough for County police to be called in to ensure there was no physical violence.

As one aforementioned attendee hinted at, there were certainly several travesties which unfolded at the March 15 meeting. Community members, like Karen Holt, lamented the polarization which has occurred because of the master land-use plan, and pleaded for everyone involved to remember better days when everybody worked together.

The Master Land-Use Plan has been heavily opposed because of what some fear it will do to the social demographics, the wealth, and agricultural potential of the island. Those concerned over what will happen to the very fabric of the friendly isle need not look further than Thursday’s meeting. The usually peaceful place, where family ties, history, and friendship run as deep as the proud legacy of activism and protectionism, was exposed for a brief moment, and the dark side of Molokai’s brimming potential was revealed.

EC Gets it Wrong

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Enterprise Community board attempts to set voting results straight with misinformation.

On March 6, the Molokai Enterprise Community (EC) Board of Directors attempted to respond to what they call “numerous misstatements of facts” regarding the recent EC elections. EC Board President Stacy Crivello and EC Executive Director Abbey Mayer issued a press release (shown below) in an attempt to set the Molokai community straight.

The problem is that the information included in the EC press release is misleading and inaccurate. The press release compares voter turnout numbers between the recent EC election and the 2006 General Election. But the numbers that the EC uses are in error because they include outer island vote totals from the 2006 General Election. The document also fails to identify any of the alleged “numerous misstatements of facts” that the release is said to clarify.

Victory for Molokai

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

The EC vote on Wed. Jan 31 was a victory for Molokai. It is part of a great story of an Island that participated in a democratic process in large numbers without the influence of government. It was a grass roots effort by a community determined to express their choices. Those on both sides of the issue worked hard to create a safe place for all to participate, and participate we did. The election is the talk of the island.

The Save La'au candidates delivered a landslide victory and in the process ousted well known politician and OHA trustee Colette Machado. Also on the losing end was Claude Sutcliff who called the elections a "community referendum" on the issue of whether to develop La'au Point.

The ‘silent majority’ had a chance to speak, and it was a deafening NO! to the La'au development project. Those who won were against La'au Development, and the two encumbants who lost were in favor of the development, which begs the question: "How much more does this community have to say and do before Peter Nichols keeps his word about having the community decide whether La'au will be developed?”

Congradulations Molokai- you made yourself proud...KU'E!

Walter Ritte