Kalaupap Peninsula and Kalawao County news, articles, and stories.

Return To Kalaupapa

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Community Contributed

By Father Pat Killilea, St Francis Church, Kalaupapa

Makani Kai touched down right on time and we taxied in to Terminal 1 at Kalaupapa’s ever-friendly airport. I was immediately greeted by Rev. Richard Matsushita, his lovely wife, and some members of our neighboring Congregational Church who were seeing others off to Topside. Then one lovely young lady presented me with a beautiful lei and I responded with a hug and a smooch. After one month away, I was home again in Kalaupapa.

One month prior to this day, United Airlines and Aer Lingus had carried me on their broad wings to my homeland in Ireland, where I had enjoyed three-plus weeks in the company of family and friends in County Galway.…

Filling in the Gaps at Kalaupapa

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Filling in the Gaps at Kalaupapa

Community Contributed

By Cheryl Corbiell

Kaluapapa is known worldwide as the peninsula where people exposed to Hansen’s disease, or leprosy, were isolated for life. Once a natural prison, today it is a place where families in Hawaii can reconnect with a relative once considered “lost.” Prior to 1866, Native Hawaiians lived on the peninsula for 900 years and left remnants of rock walls, house platforms, heiau, and other structures as evidence of long-term Native Hawaiian habitation.  Davianna Pomaika`i McGregor, Ph.D. Professor of Ethnic Studies at University of Hawaii, Manoa is working with the Kalaupapa National Historical Park (KNHP) and interviewing descendants of the original Kalaupapa Native Hawaiians to piece together Kalaupapa’s early history.…

Kalaupapa Photo Exhibit  

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Kalaupapa Photo Exhibit   

“The Haircut.” Longtime Kalaupapa resident Kenso Seki (left) cuts the hair of John Cambra with Herbert Hayase looking on in this photo by Wayne Levin taken in 1986.

Ka `Ohana O Kalaupapa News Release

“A Reflection of Kalaupapa: Past, Present and Future,” a photo exhibit sponsored by Ka `Ohana O Kalaupapa, will open with a blessing on Wednesday, Aug. 13, at 11:30 a.m. at historic Paschoal Hall in Kalaupapa. The free exhibit, hosted by Kalaupapa National Historical Park, will be available for viewing on days to be determined through Sept. 12.

The exhibit features nearly 100 historical and contemporary photos of the residents of Kalaupapa and their family members along with scenes from Kalaupapa.…

Kalaupapa Combats Climate Change

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Kalaupapa Combats Climate Change

Only one small population of ‘ihi (Portulaca villosa) exists along the crater rim – more plants are currently being introduced to the area in the hopes of increasing the number of populations and individuals to make the plant more resilient to climate change. Photo by Paul Hosten.

Although scientists cannot predict with absolute certainty the universal severity of climate change nor its impacts, the effects are threatening the country’s National Parks with significant risks and challenges. A recent study by the National Park Service (NPS) shows that any of the 289 National Parks, including Kalaupapa National Historic Park (KNHP) show that temperatures over the last 30 years are warmer now than they were in 1901..…

Dropping a line in Kalaupapa

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Community Contributed

By Father Pat Killilea, St. Francis Church, Kalaupapa

I can well remember catching my very first fish. It was on a Sunday afternoon in the summer time of my primary school days. On that glorious, golden day I was ably assisted in my fishing by a girl from my own village who was a couple of years older than myself. While I succeeded in hauling in a beautiful fish that afternoon, that girl got away. She entered the convent as a Sister of Mercy. A few years later, I entered the seminary and became a Brother of the Sacred Hearts.…

Kalaupapa Welcomes Summer Interns

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Kalaupapa Welcomes Summer Interns

Photo courtesy of Miki`ala Pescaia.

Summer vacation brings images of students lounging on the beach, grabbing cold ice cream and catching up with friends. But a few Molokai students are using their summer to gain valuable career experiences and a greater understanding of the significance of Kalaupapa and its unique cultural resources.

Kalaupapa National Park Service’s (KNPS) Cultural Resource Management Division is hosting six summer interns, three working in partnership with Alu Like, Inc. Summer Youth Employment program and three as volunteers. The interns are assisting the Kalaupapa National Historical Park with a variety of projects from raking leaves and beautifying the settlement to cleaning up patient resident homes and creating informative Facebook posts.…

Lei in Remembrance

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Lei in Remembrance

Photo by Laura Pilz.

With colorful lei draped carefully over each arm, volunteers set out across the gently sloping Papaloa cemetery in Kalaupapa last week with the goal of honoring and remembering each and every kupuna buried on the peninsula.

Pausing briefly at each marker to lay a hand or say a quiet prayer, the group quietly made their way through the acres of headstones, lovingly leaving a lei at each one.

The Makanalua peninsula, commonly known as Kalaupapa, serves as the final resting place for thousands of Hansen’s disease patients who were once banished there.

After more than a century of being exiled to the peninsula, patients were given the freedom to leave Kalaupapa on June 30, 1969, when Hawaii Revised Statute 326 lifted the ban on their isolation.…

Lei for Kalaupapa: lei-making event and Molokai donation locations

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Hui Malama Makanalua News Release

This year, June 30 marks the 45th anniversary of the end of the isolation of Hansen’s disease (leprosy) patients at the Makanalua peninsula (commonly known as Kalaupapa). In an effort to observe this anniversary and honor those who were subject to the policy, local non-profit Hui Malama Makanalua will be placing lei at every known burial site on the peninsula with their project named Lei Hali‘a O Kalaupapa (lei in remembrance of Kalaupapa), with the assistance of Kalaupapa National Park personnel.

Community members will be coming together to make and/or donate lei for the June 30th ceremony in Kalaupapa at these two locations:

Kulana ‘Oiwi on Saturday, June 28 from 9 a.m.…

New Health Director Vows to Serve Kalaupapa

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

New Health Director Vows to Serve Kalaupapa

Photo courtesy Linda Rosen.

For the first time as the state’s new Department of Health (DOH) Director, Dr. Linda Rosen visited the Kalaupapa settlement last week and was warmly welcomed by residents.

“I want to tell you all how delighted I am to be here, what a privilege it is to be the director, especially because of the special role that the director plays for the community of Kalaupapa,” Rosen told patients and employees at a community meeting in the settlement. “I’m very lucky that the governor appointed me. I… thank [Kalaupapa] for welcoming me so graciously. I look forward to helping in any way that I can.”

Rosen was appointed by Gov.…

Makani Kai Re-Selected for Kalaupapa Service

Friday, June 20th, 2014

The Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) has awarded Makani Kai Air the Essential Air Service (EAS) subsidy to service Molokai’s isolated settlement of Kalaupapa for the next four years.

“Kalaupapa Settlement is thrilled to continue in the Makani Kai ohana and look forward to four more years of excellent on time service as we have enjoyed for the past two years,” said Mark Miller, the Department of Health Kalaupapa administrator.

Makani Kai was originally awarded the Kalaupapa EAS at the end of 2011 for two years, and filed for renewal to continue serving the settlement last year. Mokulele Airlines and two mainland companies also applied.…