News stories regarding Molokai’s outdoor environment

Molokai’s Renewable Energy Future

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

The forecast for energy on Molokai is looking renewable, according to Maui Electric officials. Company officials talked story with residents last week in three sessions around the island about both the company’s and community’s visions for how Molokai can reach 100 percent renewable energy in the near future.

Molokai has a lot of planned and potential projects on the horizon. The 37-acre solar project with battery storage, recently approved to be operated by Molokai New Energy Partners (MNEP), will be located near the Pala’au Power Plant. Manager of Renewable Energy Projects Gregg Kresge said the permit process for the project is currently underway and MNEP — a branch of mainland-based renewable energy company Half Moon Ventures — will hold additional meetings with the community for updates on the project.…

GET Local Youth Cooking Contest

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

UHCES News Release

The University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service (UHCES) is launching a campaign to promote local growers in the community and encourage healthy eating by holding a GET Local Video Cooking Competition. GET local stands for Grow, Eat, Think Local. All students who are 12 to 18 years old are invited to submit a cooking video that highlights their cooking abilities, uses a local ingredient for their recipe, and includes information on the local farmer.

Prizes for winners include the chance for one recipe to be added to the menu of a top restaurant on Maui, an opportunity to film a live cooking show with a celebrity chef for a local television station, and $100 gift cards for video recording equipment.…

Funds for Student-Led Environmental Solutions

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Kupu News Release

Molokai students who want to help their schools or communities go green now have a chance to earn funding to back their big ideas. Conservation and education nonprofit Kupu, in partnership with Kokua Hawaii Foundation, is launching its third annual Hawaii Youth Sustainability Challenge mini-grant program, which supports student-led environmental initiatives.

Applications are now open and due Oct. 19. Students in grades 6-12 from public, private, and charter schools statewide are encouraged to apply.

“We are so excited to host another Hawaii Youth Sustainability Challenge mini-grant opportunity,” says Kupu CEO John Leong. “Not only is this a great experience for Hawaii’s next generation of eco-preneurs and eco-engineers, but it’s also a win for the community at large.…

Local Produce 50 Percent Off for EBT Customers

Friday, September 7th, 2018

Sust’aina ble Molokai News Release

Sustʻaina ble Molokai’s Mobile Market began their “EBT Double Bucks Program” on Sept. 1!

Does your family receive SNAP/EBT benefits? Are you interested in eating more fresh, healthy, local produce? Then you should check out Sustʻaina ble Molokai’s Mobile Market at sustainablemolokai.org/mobile-market/.

The main goals of the program are to improve healthy food access and support local farmers. Buying local means that more food dollars stay in the local economy, which has a positive ripple effect for Molokai.

Here’s how our EBT Double Bucks Program works: Shop for fresh fruits and vegetable with the Sustʻaina ble Molokai Mobile Market, pay with your EBT card, and receive 50 percent off your purchase when you pick up your order.…

Rat Lungworm Parasite Found on Molokai

Friday, August 31st, 2018

Rat Lungworm Parasite Found on Molokai

A recently-released University of Hawaii study has confirmed the presence of rat lungworm on Molokai and on every island throughout the state except Lanai. Rat lungworm is a parasite that has a complicated lifecycle that requires slugs or snails as well as rats to mature. Ingesting a slug or snail infected with the parasite can cause neurological damage, pain and disability, and Hawaii has seen a recent influx of cases of the rare disease.

Researchers tested 11 sites on Molokai starting in 2004 and two sites had a total of four slugs or snails that tested positive for rat lungworm, according to Robert H.…

Volunteers Remove 30,000 Pounds of Debris

Friday, August 31st, 2018

Volunteers Remove 30,000 Pounds of Debris

The fifth annual Mo’omomi Cleanup organized by Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii two weeks ago removed an estimated 30,000 pounds of debris from Molokai’s northwestern coast. More than 300 participants joined the effort, according to Kahi Pacarro, Sustainable Coastlines executive director. The previous week, Sustainable Coastlines visited classrooms and reached 678 students on the island sharing information about marine debris, plastic pollution and why it’s so important to take care of our oceans.

“We are grateful to be able to visit this place and give back,” said Picarro. “We couldn’t do it without the help from the Ka’auwai Family, Uncle Mac Poepoe, the community of Molokai, Matson, and Hawaiian Airlines.Thanks to our partnership with Pu’u o Hoku Ranch, The Nature Conservancy, Matson and Parley for the Oceans, none of the debris will stay on Molokai.…

Taking Aim at Molokai Archery Tournament

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Taking Aim at Molokai Archery Tournament


Molokai Bowhunters Archery Club hit its mark last Saturday as members hosted their 20th annual state tournament at the Kalae Bow Range. The event attracts more than 50 shooters from around the state and mainland each year.

The range consists of more than 10 acres of wooded, hilly terrain, with trails leading to marked targets of varying distances. Shooters compete in a variety of categories based on their bow type, such as freestyle, traditional or bowhunter. It’s an activity for all ages — one of the day’s youngest shooters was 4 years old, while the master seniors category featured archers age 70 and up.…

Two More Monk Seals Dead

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018


The deaths of two young male Hawaiian monk seals on Molokai in June are being investigated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This comes after a young female was killed at Mo’omomi in May, with injuries showing human-inflicted trauma as the cause of her death. 

An unidentified juvenile male was found dead at  Paka’a beach on Molokai’s west end on June 25. The other young male, identified as RJ26, was born at Kalaupapa last year and found dead on June 18 on the east end near mile marker 22. NOAA’s Jolene Lau said no other details could be released at this time, pending the investigation.…

Lanikeha Re-Opens with a Facelift

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Lanikeha Re-Opens with a Facelift


With a mission to help homestead farmers reach their full potential, Lanikeha Community Center in Ho’olehua has reopened its doors with renovations that represent a dream.

“We began this dream a few years ago, we stayed on that mission… and what people said was a mission impossible, is mission accomplished,” said Rosie Davis, legal authorized representative of the Molokai Homestead Farmers Alliance (MHFA). “Our journey continues and it’s just getting better. We’re so proud of where we were… and where we’re going. [This facility] strengthens the community, it strengthens our homesteaders.”

The $1.7 million renovation project by the MHFA, which manages the facility, was paid for by state Grant in Aid funds.…

Drawing a Seabird Map

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Drawing a Seabird Map


Molokai’s high elevation forests are full of secrets, surprises and rare, native species. Thought to be extinct on Molokai until recently, the endangered Newell’s shearwater, or ‘A’o, is a seabird that may also nest deep in the shelter of Molokai’s forest.

Right now, though, no one knows for sure.

Molokai is home to many native and endangered seabird species but biologists aren’t sure how many or where many of them are nesting. A new mapping project seeks to shed light on the state’s seabird population and represents the first comprehensive survey of Hawaii seabirds to date. Anticipated to last three years, the project is kicking off on Molokai this summer.…