Visual and performance arts stories on Molokai

Lessons in a Whale’s Belly

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Lessons in a Whale’s Belly

Captain Mark leads an imaginative journey around the island to a group of first and fourth graders. Photo by Jessica Ahles

Keiki had a whale of a time learning about humpback whales and their place in the environment Friday. But while most have only seen the great creatures from a distance, students at Kilohana School got up close and personal, climbing into the belly of a 36-foot inflatable humpback, softly rocking to soothing whale sounds and taking an imaginative ride around island’s waters.

“My name is Captain Mark and I’ll be your tour guide today,” Storybook Theater Executive Director Mark Jeffers said as he saluted to Kilohana School’s second grade class.…


Friday, March 14th, 2014


A Game Played, Value Won

Konane, similar to the game of checkers, is a traditional, strategic Hawaiian board game some say could last days. Photo by Jessica Ahles

“It’s your move!” said Hiwa Ritte, urging her opponent, Ko`i Davis, who was carefully peering over a finely-made koa konane board. “I’m thinking!”  Ko`i said, scratching her head, pondering which `ili `ele `ele, or black piece, to move in rows of alternating white and black stones.

Described as a test of strategy and intellect, the ancient Hawaiian game of konane, played by ali`i and commoners alike, was considered a favorite pastime to socialize and to even settle disputes, according to Kauai cultural practitioner Sean Chun.…

Soup-porting the Arts

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Soup-porting the Arts

Photo by Jessica Ahles

Stomachs growled outside of the Molokai Community Health Center Saturday evening as a line started to form. Guests eagerly peered through windows to scope out the tables of ceramic bowls and pondered which soup to select.

The fourth annual Soup ‘R Bowl, held by the Molokai Arts Center (MAC), welcomed over 300 hungry guests for a night of fine art, food and entertainment, in support of the MAC and youth art programs.

Twelve of the MAC’s artists wheeled and hand built nearly 500 ceramic bowls in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures to fit the fancy of any taste, for any guest to take home with them.…

Hula Under the Banyan

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Hula Under the Banyan

Photos by Jessica Ahles

Through a swish of hips, gestures of graceful hands, shake of the `uli `uli and toss of flaming torches, attendees of Moana’s Hula Halau’s annual dinner show were treated to a journey of the elements and senses through hula and Polynesian arts. After the evening of first-class live music and entertainment, the full house of guests offered a standing ovation Saturday at the Molokai Community Health Center. Featuring Tahitian, traditional and modern dances, as well as special guests from Maui with fire and haka performances under the canopy of the banyan tree, the show was both impressive and emotional for many.…

Soup R Bowl

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

MAC News Release

Molokai Arts Center (MAC) announces the return of the Soup ‘R Bowl on Saturday, March 1.  This is our annual fundraising event to help raise funds for youth scholarships and programming in the visual and performing arts.

There will be a silent auction that will feature our visiting ceramic artists and several of our local artists including music and performing arts. So this year our potters are hard at work creating 500 unique stoneware soup bowls. Stoneware is a type of clay which is fired at extremely high temperature making it durable and oven-safe. Each beautiful bowl is signed by the artist who created it.…

ArtAloha! Opportunities

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Community Contributed

By Heather Williams

This February is the start of a new creative year with ArtAloha! in Maunaloa.  I am offering a variety of workshops, classes and art events for adults and children. The first workshop starts on Saturday Feb. 1, Intro to Printmaking using Lino-Cut. You will design, cut, print and create your own original Valentine Cards.

The next workshop Intro to Bookmaking is on Feb. 22, the last Saturday of the month. You will learn how to construct a simple design book. This book may be used for a journal, photo album, sketchbook, appointment keeper, the sky is the limit.…

Storytelling and Paintings of Molokai

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

MAC News Release

Molokai Arts Center (MAC) is pleased to announce Storytelling and an Exhibit of Paintings of Molokai by Donald Sunshine, FAIA, Professor Emeritus of Architecture, Virginia Tech, an award-winning architect, artist and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.   In addition to technical writing and 16 volumes of travel sketches, he previously authored a memoir, “Recollections of an Urban Refugee,” as well as three books about Molokai.   Professor Sunshine and his artist/collaborator wife live on their family farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and on the island of Molokai, where his latest books, “Life’s Moments,”  and a book of poetry, “Here ‘N There,” were written.…

90 Years of ‘Smiling Through It All’

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Community Contributed

By Rev. Jean Taloa

“Smiling Through It All” by 90-year-old Molokai resident Lillian Faker is a new book in town. Its purpose is to bring laughter and joy to all its readers.

Many years ago, Lillian began writing about the happenings in her life. Her children were growing and accomplishing new goals. Her life was a pleasure and Lillian wanted to share it with her friends. She bought a computer to put all of her stories on, but she didn’t have the patience to learn how to operate it. So Lillian caller her granddaughter, Barbara, and said, “Will you please come and get this monster out of my house before I pitch a brick at it?” “Gladly,” was the reply.…

Pot and Plant Sale

Friday, November 29th, 2013

MAC News Release

The Molokai Arts Center (MAC) will be having an Open House and Pot and Plant sale at the Arts Center located in Kualapu`u, behind Coffees of Hawaii, on Saturday, Dec. 7 from 9 a.m.  to 2 p.m. After nearly two years in this location, the artists are all excited to share their space and talents with the island.

Everyone has been busy creating planters for the sale which is a fundraiser for the Center. There are pots of all sizes, some with plants, and some without. In addition, other items will be offered for sale including bird baths, ceramic plant tags, ornaments, garden luminaries, bird houses and even gift memberships for that hard-to-buy-for person on your Christmas list.…

“The Legend of Ko`olau”

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

“The Legend of Ko`olau”

Performance brings history to life

Photo by Jessica Ahles

The stage was set and the lights dimmed at Kulana `Oiwi Halau as a piece of Hawaiian history came to life last Tuesday night. Brought to Molokai by the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, the performance, called “The Legend of Ko`olau” written by Gary Kubota, is based on the true story of Ko`olau, a man who evaded being exiled to Kalawao after he and his son caught Hansen’s Disease.

“It’s a compelling story and I think it needed to be told,” said Kubota, who is also a reporter for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.…