Taking Responsibility

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

I want to share some thoughts about the American Safari Cruise yacht that is now coming to our island on an overnight stay about three times per month.   I first met Dan Blanchard, the owner, at the Hotel Molokai a few years back along with his assistant Amy. They asked how I felt about them coming with a yacht holding a maximum of about 30 people to our island and these patrons would have the choice of choosing tour options which included the trek to Kalaupapa by trail and air.  Of course, I was very open.

The One Percent

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

One percent served, fought, and many died so ninety-nine percent could have freedom today.  Because of that one percent who served and protected America, the wealthy one percent owns 60 percent of our economy and possibly the world.

On 11/11/11, our country and Molokai honored the veteran and military one percent with ceremony, parades, speeches, etc.  Coming from a veteran, ought not the wealthy one percent help the economy a little more so that the “have not” ninety-nine percent can have a little?

HallowHim Mahalo

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

The organizing committee for the 2011 HallowHim Festival wish to extend our sincerest mahalo nui loa to the following businesses and organizations for their generous support. These folks helped to make the Festival a truly memorable event.

Concert in the Country

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

On Saturday, Nov. 5, our Purdy `Ohana had a "Concert in the Country."   It was a beautiful night with great music, great food, and most of all, a great crowd.  But, our sincerest apologies go out to the Molokai Fire Dept., Fire Inspector Rick Schonely, the Molokai Police Dept., and the Molokai community for an unfortunate fire that occurred during our event.  We definitely do not condone illegal fireworks, and it was not part of our planning, but in a crowd of over 200 people we had no control over what had happened.  We didn't see who did it in the midst of all that was going on, but it was a well-learned lesson for us all.  We were so fortunate that it was contained and didn't cause any major damage.

Gratitude in Celebration of Life

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

We, the family of the late Joycelyn Ellen Noelani "Noe" (Kaina) Ngalu, would like to send our deepest gratitude to everyone who has helped us in celebrating her life. To family and friends from near and far who have supported us through this special time in life, we love you very much. We would like to say thank you to the LDS Church for the sandwiches, Johnston Ohana for tables and chairs, Uncle Braddah Kaai and ohana for the easy up, pig, Uncle Brent Davis for the portable toilets, Jabbar Linkee, Danielle Basa, Neil Gonzalez, Joshua Puaoi and Amanda Hokkanen for all your help, those that donated potluck, Ikaika Lester and Desi Naeole for the boat to take mom out and especially the Pu ohana for helping us in cooking and preparing the food. We love you very much!

UCC Bazaar

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

God has blessed the topside United Church of Christ churches again with another successful bazaar this past weekend.  Mahalo to all who allowed Him to work through you as a planner, worker, entertainer, contributor, supporter, shopper and all those who have kept our UCC event in their prayers.  This community made it all possible through God’s guidance.  Our plate lunch was ono, thanks to Charles Miguel who prepared the kalua pig, Donna Miguel’s family who donated the pig, and Waialua who put the meal together.  It was a joint effort by all four churches – Ho`olehua, Kalaiakamanu Hou, Waialua and Kalua`aha –  and prepared and served with aloha.  Mahalo.  All those with “booths” did a wonderful job offering lovely items.  Mahalo.  To Mike and


Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

I just want to take a very small moment to express my gratitude for all of Molokai's wonderful people who kept me in their prayers and thoughts while I was hospitalized. The very fact that I am writing this letter is testament to these healing and loving energies.

My sons and my Dusty and their many trips back and forth to keep vigil over me, the sacrifices that they made to do so, and their help to carry on daily necessities at home were all acts of unconditional love. My friend Jamie's selfless care of my dogs and plants was simply loving kindness in action. 

Working With Us at the Molokai Dispatch

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Each week, our reporters strive to portray the island’s issues, events and discussions with sensitivity, respect and fairness. It’s a never-ending job and lifestyle that requires patience, hard work and a passion for the trade.

We have our limits though, and in the spirit of better communication and healthier relationships, we offer you a simple list of “Do’s and Don’ts” that we hope you will consider when working with us.

•    Talk to us, and share your mana`o. We love to hear from you and the interesting things you have to tell us.
•    Use email to send important details including dates, phone numbers, etc. editor@themolokaidispatch.com

Mule Musings

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Prior to coming to Molokai as a Dispatch intern in June, you could call me a city kid. Raised in the Boston suburbs and having lived in that city for the previous five years, the only thing I’d ever ridden was the public transportation system. “Smokey” was the scene outside a bar, and a “cliffhanger” was a good ending to a TV show.

Scouting Halawa

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

The Webelos from Pack 311 of Kailua, Oahu visited Halawa Valley Sept. 30 to Oct. 3. Webelos are Cub Scouts in their fourth year, an average of 9 years old. Throughout our four days of camping, 12 families were continually impressed by the beautiful valley, people, nature, history and activities.  We would like to share what "Pops" Anakala Pilipo and Diane Solatorio, shared with us.