Veterans Center Strategic Plan

Thursday, February 4th, 2021

Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans Board of Directors is working on a strategic plan for the future of the center. We are asking for veterans’ input on what you would like the board to focus on for the next three years. What kind of short term goals would you like to see completed with-in the first year? What kind of long term goals would you like to see happen?

Any ideas or suggestions can be submitted to Lawrence K. Lasua at lawrencelas-ua0@gmail.com or in person at the MVCV Center Monday through Friday between 9a.m. and 12 p.m. Also, as a reminder, please stop by the center to check the board or call the office at 553-8387 if you have any questions or concerns regarding veterans programs.…

Mahalo Mokulele

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Kalaupapa Airport has been like a gathering place for many of us over the years. Then once this COVID struck our islands with such devastation, all this has changed and necessary restrictions by the Dept. of Health have prevented us from gathering there. That all changed on Saturday morning, Jan. 16, 2021, although only for a brief time, when we gathered in our masks at Terminal 1 to await the return of Boogie to our little township. After a brief delay, Mokulele’s flight touched down and taxied to a halt. A cheer went up as Boogie was taken from the plane and wheeled into the terminal in his wheelchair.…

Bringing Boogie Home

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

It is with deep gratitude that we send this huge mahalo nui to Mokulele Air for going out of their way to help the patients in Kalaupapa. They have made special trips to deliver food, supplies and patients. Boogie was able to return to his home in Kalaupapa last week. Even in his weakened physical state, it was obvious that his spirits were high. Words cannot express the deep joy and fondness that filled us as his flight landed and he emerged. Boogie “rode around” in his wheelchair to familiar places in the settlement, enjoying the crashing of the ocean, the beauties of the aina and meeting of friends along the way.…

New Veterans’ Board

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

Happy New Year! Mahalo to those that showed interest in volunteering for the Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans Board. According to our current bylaws, adopted by resolution of membership on May 25, 2013, Revised 09-10-2020, Article II – Board of Directors, officers and Appointees, Under Section 2, it states, “…If an officer or director is unable to complete a full term, the Board of Directors may appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of the term.” Also stated in the bylaws is that, “Each officer and director shall serve a term of two years.”

The departing board has only been in office since Oct.…

MPD Reflects on Blessings

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, let us not reflect on the challenges we faced but on the blessings we received. Many organizations, businesses, and neighbors on Molokai stepped in to assist those in need, evident by the many food distributions, PPE donations, free inter-island cargo shipping, as well as the countless people who offered assistance to those afflicted by COVID-19. We were able to keep our COVID count low, due to everyone doing their part in helping to stop the spread of this disease.

We appreciated those that kept traditions alive, like PK Enterprise and Misaki Store, spreading holiday cheer from their annual floats.…

Mahalo for Thanksgiving Lunch Success

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

Topside UCC Churches Community Thanksgiving Drive-Thru Lunch feeds nearly 400! We thank God and all the earthly angels that made this years’ lunch a success despite the restrictions put upon us by COVID-19. Aside of people driving thru to pick up lunches, we also delivered to homebound friends. We pray it was ‘ono and satisfying for all who came to get a lunch.

We thank all the following for monetary, food and service donations: Misaki’s, Mrs. K’s, Claire Iveson, Penny Martin, Louise Miguel, Janice and Rick Ogoshi, Pualani Akaka, Earline Iaea, Dara Lukonen, Dan and Hi’ilei Bernabe, Loke Ramarama, Helena Puaa, Crystal Egusa, Jaty Spencer, Lanakila Hussey, Otto, Lisa Willing & Family, Kai Hodorawis, Jim Stone, Cynthia and Jim Kiyabu, Zessica Apiki, Kauwela Kalawe, Panui Tollefsen, Judy Davidson, Norman Levi, Tina He, and forgive me if I forgot to name you.…

Overpopulated Deer Dropping Dead

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

I am writing as a concerned absentee condo owner on the west end of Molokai. My concern is the proliferating deer herds on the island which are experiencing heavy die-off due to lack of water and vegetation. Shared photos and videos reveal herds are decimating yards, gardens and grounds in daylight hours, unafraid of people, and still they are not able to sustain themselves, as evidenced by their bony, skeleton-like bodies.

Consequently, deer are dropping dead everywhere. Roadsides are punctuated with carcasses which only indicates the number that must be lying in the fields and forests of the island. It is said that hunters are shooting them nightly for sport, leaving the bodies to rot because their freezers are already full.…

My Pledge

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

As a settler here in Hawaii,
I pledge my allegiance to this land, these waters, and this community.
I pledge to conduct myself with the utmost respect for the Hawaiian people whose land I am on, and for the land itself.
I pledge to not exploit the resources or people of Hawaii.
I pledge to not forget that I am a guest of the Hawaiian people.
I pledge to learn about the true history of Hawaii and it’s present from the Hawaiian people themselves and not from American books.
I pledge to use my privilege and the resources at my disposal because of that privilege to help uplift those around me.…

Chess League Seeking Molokai Members

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

My name is Louis Tomsic. I am a Tournament Director in Hawaii for the U.S. Chess Federation. I have a chess club on chess.com called the Molokai Chess Club. We will be competing in the Hawaii Chess Federations, Hawaii Chess League starting in mid December 2020.

The Molokai Chess Club on chess.com needs you as a member so we can compete with other teams from Hawaii on chess.com. It is free to join chess.com and play online chess. You can make friends from all over the world. Pick a user name and password and sign up for free.

Chess.com gives you one free chess lesson a week, three free chess puzzles a week to solve and unlimited free chess games to play.…

Census Followup

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

My name is Napua Burke and I served as minister to the Hawaiian Congregational churches (Topside Molokai UCC Churches) from 2013 to 2016. At the end of 2016, I returned to Hilo to care for my mother and I continue to be grateful for the kind words and messages I received at the time of her passing.

My husband and I have continued to maintain a home in Molokai because we love this island and its people. We have not visited Molokai since the beginning of the pandemic for obvious reasons. Recently though, I began working for the Census and I have volunteered to come over to Molokai in December to conduct what are called Post Enumeration Surveys, which is basically a method of verifying that accuracy of the information received during the census.…