Filipino Meeting Postponed

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

Kaunakakai Filipino Assn. News Release

The Annual Membership Meeting (fourth quarter) of the Kaunakakai Filipino Association has been postponed pending Maui County COVID rule changes. Collectors will be contacting members when new date and time is confirmed.…

Shame: In the Crosshairs of the Reaper

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

The white red and blue
just flew
reaper drones to Hawaii Nei.*

So, what would Lili’uokalani
Her Majesty The Queen
have had to say
as drone pilots train to play
God, absent
from the sky…

This is America?
that is a lie.

This is stolen land occupied by
uniformed women and men
with misguided aims and pride
drinking Mai Tai’s and hi-
jacking waves after nine-to-five’s
spent learning from hawks
just how to fly
wearing aloha shirts
never asking why
life is blurring
into a video game.

So, what would Lili’uokalani,
Her Majesty The Queen
have had to say
if she were alive today
if not
as drone strikes continue
to kill and to maim
half a world
in the name of the same
people who came to her palace
locked her up
stole her kingdom and her crown
saying she’s the one to blame
because white always
thinks might makes right
and she was brown
just like those beautiful souls
in the crosshairs of the reaper
drones today
half a world away
from the pilots here in Hawaii Nei
where the white red and blue
have their true colors on full display
and the brightness in the eyes
of those who here remotely fly
the killer drones in far off lands
will soon be fading, by and by
to forever

Thank You, Mokulele

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Greetings from Kalaupapa! On behalf of the Kalaupapa community, I wish to offer a special mahalo to the officers of Mokulele Airlines  who provided us with a special lunch/dinner on Wednesday, Sept. 22. It was most filling and delicious. I personally enjoy free lunches and dinners. So please feel free to gift us any time you wish. Go raibh mile maith agaibh. (Mahalo nui loa).


Father Pat Killilea ss.cc.

St. Francis, Kalaupapa.…

Peace and Quiet

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Don’t you see everyone and me
down here planting mango trees
trying to find peace of mind and god
forbid, some quiet time
I can’t seem to find the reason you must rhyme
the past with the present
but your noise is unpleasant to say the least
as you rumble too close for comfort
in that death breathing beast
half helicopter, half dragon, half man, and half plane
your noise hurts more than just my ears
because I know why it is you train
and I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen the pain
that you rain down from your perch in the sky
from way up on high where you can’t see
their eyes, so you don’t see
the humanity of those you make die
and I hope at least you wonder why it is you fly
way too close behind an aging lie
as you train to kill by filling the sky
above places like here in Kaunakakai
with a rumbling, a thunder, a chop, chop, chop,
constantly cutting through the peace and quiet
and it never seems to stop
like a water drop dripping and dripping and dripping
and a scratched 45 record skipping and skipping and skipping
and they keep on shipping and shipping and shipping you
from here to where the west has already been through
at least a time or two or three or four
it’s always war that you’re preparing for
in these otherwise quiet and peaceful skies
where you always fly too close behind
American lies

Jayson R.…

Mahalo Mokulele

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

A big mahalo to Mokulele Airlines, Richard Schuman, Donna T. and two pilots who went out of their way at 6:30 p.m. Friday evening, Sept. 24, to have a special flight to bring two staff from topside Molokai to Kalaupapa and pick up eight staff going to topside.  Weather and other problems delayed or cancelled flights, but the 10 staff were able to be with their ‘ohana for the weekend. Mahalo.

S Alicia Damien Lau


A Day To Remember

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Community Contributed 

A Day to Remember

By Father Pat Killilia, St. Francis Church, Kalaupapa

Sept. 11 dawned bright and breezy. At 7 a.m. there was no sign of the “expected coming” except for the tug boat moored in anticipation in the inner harbor. By 8 a.m., there was still no sight on the water of the long awaited one. I thought to myself, what if it has been hijacked and we have another remake of the Mutiny on the Bounty. Finally, at about 9 a.m., Glauco, the Aquaman, motioned to the horizon, far to the right. There it sat like a huge snail on the ocean surface.…

Molokai High SCC Holds First Meeting

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Community Contributed

By Mele Kaneali’i

New school year, new discussions! The Molokai High School Community Council held its first meeting on Aug. 25, on Google Meets and covered topics like the budget, latest safety precautions, new staff and school celebrations to kick off the first meeting of the year. The meeting was attended by the five stakeholders of the school community: two students, two parents, two community members, four teachers, two classified staff, and the principal, Dr. Katina Soares.

The council welcomed new teachers, Jason Elder, Building and Construction teacher, and Geneva Castro-Lichtenstein, counselor, and the new student representatives, Mele Kanealiʻi and Quedin Bumatay.…

A Time to Remember

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Community Contributed

Opinion by Father Pat Killilea, St. Francis Church, Kalaupapa

I threw on my Savers dark dustcoat, stepped out into the rain, and headed for my Paddy Wagon. I must have looked like Wyatt Earp or Doc Holliday on the way to the O.K. Corral that morning, but I was not heading to a corral, not even the mule corral. By this date the topside Molokai mules had been “on furlough” since the bridge on the Kalaupapa trail had collapsed at Christmas due to a landslide. This was before the pandemic and I was actually on my way to our Kalaupapa “International” Airport to meet Bishop Larry and his 26 pilgrims.…

The Cost of Water

Thursday, September 16th, 2021

It will cost you $15,000 for a glass of water on Molokai. Believe it or not, it’s true and it’s a shame. Anyone in our community that is unaware of this cost, if you want to get a water meter put in, then the cost to you is $15,000. 

Why is that? What’s the reason for the excessive cost? Who decided this amount?

Call and ask the County of Maui Water Department or maybe our county elected delegates, even the state delegates for Molokai. Somebody should explain to all of us in our community the reason for this cost. 

One very important thing to remember is after all is said and done, the County Water Department owns the water meter, you don’t own anything!…

Open Letter to Congressman Kahele

Thursday, September 16th, 2021

As one of many Molokai residents who voted for you to represent us in Congress, I’m sad to hear that you not only voted for the nearly three quarters of a trillion-dollar FY 2022 U.S. military budget but also to increase it by an additional $24 billion. With so many issues facing Molokai and every island, I’m sure your voters could think of far better ways to use those funds. Don’t let the good work you’re doing for Hawaii be overshadowed by indebtedness to weapons manufacturers. You can win elections without them. Please learn from Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., a lesson we should have learned from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia: no amount of money spent on instruments of death can translate into victory of any sort beyond Wall Street.…