Cars and Appliances Now Accepted at Molokai Landfill

Landfill will soon accept vehicles, appliances, and scrap metal.




Molokai residents will be able to recycle vehicles, appliances, scrap metal, tires, propane tanks and car batteries at the Molokai landfill beginning July 3, the County of Maui’s Department of Environmental Management announced today. The recycling service is for residents only and an appointment must be made. Commercial recycling is not allowed.

The County has established a phone line dedicated to handle the appointments. Molokai residents should call 336-0899 to schedule their drop-off. The phone line is now accepting appointments in anticipation of the July 3 start date.

Callers will be asked to leave their contact information and appointments will be scheduled in the order they are received.

Appointments for metals recycling will be made for Thursdays from 10:00 am – 3:30 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am – 11:00 am beginning Thursday, July 3.

Prior to recycling a vehicle, residents will be required to complete two forms, a “Statement of Fact for Junking of a Non-Repairable Vehicle” form and a “Residential Vehicle Acceptance” form. Both forms are available at the County of Maui’s Division of Motor Vehicles Molokai office.

At the landfill, anyone recycling a vehicle will need to check-in with the scale attendant to confirm the appointment and turn in the required forms prior to drop-off.

The service ceased several months ago while the County obtained the necessary permits from the State Department of Health that would allow the landfill to resume metals collection and recycling.



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