Capitol Hill Gets a Taste of Molokai

While this week, Molokai celebrates food in the Dispatch “Taste of Molokai” issue, last week, food from Hawaii was celebrated in Washington D.C.’s Capitol Hill – and Molokai was represented. Pacific Hawaii, a gourmet sea salt company on Molokai founded by Salt Master Nancy Gove, was invited to the first-ever event.

Called “Hawaii on the Hill,” the special Taste of Hawaii event highlighting Hawaii-made or grown products in the nation’s capital was the first of its kind this year. Washington, D.C. often hosts states to highlight their products, and on July 23, Hawaii was showcased for the first time. An invitation-only open house for Congressional members of friends of the State of Hawaii, the event was attended by over 500 VIPs.

“We’re very excited to showcase Hawaii’s food, culture and industries with our nation’s top officials in this first-ever initiative and are very pleased that the island and products of Molokai were represented,” said Sherry Menor-McNamara, Hawaii Chamber of Commerce president and CEO. “The Hawaii on the Hill initiative provides a meaningful opportunity for our members to interface with Hawaii’s Congressional Delegation, as well as other Congressional leaders and industry representatives, and showcase our state’s pride, melting pot cuisine, customs, industries and ideas.”

Gove saw the event as means to share her products with a broader audience.

“We decided to do Hawaii on the Hill because we thought it would be a good way to get our products to the east coast,” said Gove. “Anytime we can get Molokai on the map, I’m excited to do that. People can see that we do wonderful things over here.”

Pacifica Hawaii uses Molokai sea water and natural flavors to create gourmet salt products made and packaged on Molokai. Gove’s process of evaporation preserves the salt’s natural minerals and trace elements, while providing a flavorful addition to food.

Gove said Pacifica Hawaii was invited to Hawaii on the Hill event through her membership to the Chamber of Commerce. Always looking for networking possibilities, Gove added that the opportunity also opened up participation in the Made in Maui Festival this fall through the Maui Economic Development Board.

Though Gove didn’t personally travel to D.C. to save on costs, she said her sister and brother-in-law will represent her at Hawaii on the Hill and provide information at Pacifica’s table. They promoted the company’s gourmet salt products, including the latest flavor launched last year – kiawe smoked salt. In addition, Gove offered samples of her newest specialty, a mineral bronzer made from pure Molokai red alae`a clay, touted as a “warm Hawaiian glow for all skin types.” Gove said the make-up product was just recently released this year and so far is “doing very well.”



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