Candidate’s Long Support of Molokai Athletics

I am not one to get political, but in the race for Lt. Governor for Hawaii, most of you probably don’t know much about any of the candidates. But if any of you have a chance to vote for the Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor for the State of Hawaii, please consider Keith Amemiya as your candidate of choice. 

I don’t know much about the other three candidates or if any of them may have had any impact on our Molokai community, but I want to share with you a few things that Keith has done for Molokai High School that maybe not too many of you know about or may have forgotten about. This island and its community thrives on athletics. When my wife Camie was serving as the Athletic Director at Molokai High School, Keith was the Executive Director of the Hawaii High School Athletic Association. Keith heard about the plight of Molokai athletics and the constant lack of funds, so he contacted Camie. That conversation led to a generous donation made by Keith to the athletic department. We flew Keith up to Molokai and honored him at one of our basketball games. We were able to spend the weekend with Keith, his wife, Bonnie, and their son, Chris. He was a very nice man. Very humble. Hawaiians say, ha’aha’a. 

A few years after his personal donation, Keith organized a huge fundraiser on Oahu that benefited the athletic departments at both Molokai and Lanai high schools. It was a huge success. And now, just this past school year, Keith helped us secure funding to purchase a new mini bus to help transport our athletes on Maui. Currently, our athletes ride in mini buses on Maui that are at least 20 years old. Our athletes will be riding in style this school year and coaches will have less worries about breakdowns. 

I don’t know what your political preferences are, but if you have an opportunity to vote, please consider Keith. Our Molokai High School athletic community can never repay all Keith has done for us. Mahalo, Keith Amemiya.

Ron Kimball


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