A Calling for Kaho`olawe

New Kaho`olawe Island Reserve Commissioner sought.

KIRC News Release

The Kaho`olawe Island Reserve Commission (KIRC) is seeking nominations for an individual to fill the Native Hawaiian Organization Representative seat on its seven member State commission. According to the State law which created the Commission (Chapter 6K, Hawai‘i Revised Statutes), one of the commissioners is appointed by the Governor from a list of names submitted by Native Hawaiian organizations and is eligible to serve two consecutive four-year terms.

This request for nominations is to fill the seat currently held by Charles PMK Burrows, Ed.D, who will have served eight years on January 10, 2010. Commissioners serve without pay, but are reimbursed for their actual and necessary expenses.

Further information and instructions for submitting a nomination can be found at the KIRC website at www.kahoolawe.hawaii.gov The KIRC was established to manage the Kaho`olawe Island Reserve which includes the island of Kaho`olawe and its surrounding waters.


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