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Calling Community Reporters

Are you a Molokai resident who enjoys writing, has a passion for your community and wants to become a part of The Molokai Dispatch team? We’d love to have you join us.

For the last decade, The Molokai Dispatch has fostered a thriving internship program that allows young journalists from around the country the opportunity to bring their talent to Molokai, work hands-on in a small island community, and in turn, provide the island with high quality reporting. As we prepare to celebrate our 30th anniversary, The Molokai Dispatch is also preparing to shift our model from interns to home-grown community reporters. We are grateful to the dozens of young people who have served the island through journalism, however we have decided to end the program, and instead, we would like to foster a team of responsible journalists right here on Molokai. We hope this decision will not only help support Molokai’s local economy but afford additional opportunities for residents to develop writing skills and build their resume to keep talent on the island.

As we look to the future, we want to continue the community support that has sustained us for three decades, and take it a step further. Thanks to our regular community contributors, we are able to print a wide variety of information that is important to residents of Molokai. In addition, we’d like to develop a small team of part-time community reporters who will take on assignments and work closely with Dispatch staff to provide the community with the same, high quality coverage readers have come to expect.

These community reporters should be passionate about Molokai, yet able to put aside their own opinions to report with integrity and objectivity. They should be committed to The Molokai Dispatch’s mission to serve the community, foster positive dialogue and empower residents to become more knowledgeable and active about what matters most to them.

This part-time opportunity would provide a small stipend and a flexible schedule but also require dedication and commitment. An interest in writing is a must, and skill can be developed. The topics you write about may be directed by your interest and expertise but assigned by the editor. Please email Catherine Cluett at editor@themolokaidispatch.com to express your interest or learn more. Mahalo and we look forward to this new phase of The Molokai Dispatch’s community commitment.


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