Calling All Molokai Kane

Conference for men to be held

The Aha Kane Committee wants to give its young men a chance to shape their future, by re-evaluating themselves and realigning with Hawaiian history and culture.

To learn is to gain wisdom and to share knowledge is a gift for all, so men of all ages are encouraged to attend a special meeting and talk about what really means to be a man.

The conference will ask one main question: “Who are you?”  Organizers want to continue on the theme of their first Aha Kane conference hosted on Molokai in 2007: “The search for the Path.”

“If you were on the path to responsibility four years ago, then where are now at this point in your life?” asked Moke Kim, a homesteader and an Aha Kane Conference committee member.

The year’s theme is “This is Who I Am.” Identifying with each one’s self is not as easy these days with being distracted by too many material things, the committee said.

Kim added the conference is strongly suggested for the young men of Molokai, to better shape the future of the island.

Molokai is a unique Hawaiian island externally, known for withstanding the pressures of development, but the kupuna of Molokai want to keep it unique internally as well.

“We have a basic inheritance that started over 10,000 years ago. We’ve lost that,” Kim said.

The conference will be held on March 25 – appropriately  when Prince Kuhio Day will be observed. It will be an all-day talk story, where the men will discuss their specific troubles, how they can be positively addressed, what the keiki of Molokai need to be taught, and internal problems facing the men and their ohana. Local teachers Ric Ornellas and Hanale Pali will also give a presentation.

“We want to this to be an interactive conference. We want everyone to ask their own questions,” Kim said.

Kim said that young people these days are too influenced by media and politics, instead of  their community members, family and friends.

“Our children should be learning these things so we can move on,” Kim said.

The men-only conference is on March 25 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Kulana Oiwi Halau. Registration is $10 and must be submitted by March 11. Young men ages 17 and under are free. Forms can be picked up and submitted to The Molokai Dispatch office, Molokai Community Service Council and Kamehameha Schools Office. Feel free to contact any of the committee members, Alex Pua`a, Ka`eo Kawa`a, Howard Selnick or Moke Kim.


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