A Call to Molokai to Shape Our Future

Aloha to the people of Molokai: This is a time of great reflection and of great potential for change. On a global level, the world is looking at how we can preserve our planet and our population through sustainable practices. On a national level we face rising unemployment rates and rising gas and food prices, and the entire country must determine what future we want and how we will cast our votes in the presidential election.  And on a local level, all of us here on Molokai, in the wake of Molokai Ranch's shutdown, are thinking about how we will shape the future of this island.

The document Molokai: Future of a Hawaiian Island proposes a starting point for a balanced movement toward future change. Because this plan is not set in stone it does not require a YES or NO vote and is not something for you to accept or reject.  It is simply a foundation to build upon.  The subtitle of the document "I ka wa ma mua, ka wa ma hope," tells us that our direction for the future can build upon wisdom from our past.  This document incorporates mana'o from many Molokai community plans written over a period of thirty years and also includes new and innovative visions for Molokai.  It draws on the mana'o of everyone from young elementary children to our cherished kupuna—some of whom are no longer with us but whose knowledge lives on—and it invites additional mana'o from everyone in this community.

A healthy plan must be a living document open to modification. With your input and kokua, we hope this document will evolve into a balanced blueprint for our community's future.  We may not all agree on every aspect of planning, but all sections of the plan encourage further research, idea building, and community discussion so we can collectively determine acceptable options and best courses of action. This document does not claim to have all the answers, but this document does open a dialogue to ask two crucial questions: what do we value? And what do we want for our island?

Each of us has a stake in this community and each of us has things we love about Molokai, things we want to be preserved for future generations, whether it's our everybody-knows-everybody community of 'ohana and neighbors who kokua each other, our rural lifestyle, or our clean beaches where we can fish, swim and surf.  Each of us can also name positive changes we'd like to see, such as more sustainable jobs for our people, enriched education systems, and a restored and abundant 'aina. 

Now is the time to look within and think about what you value and what you want for the future.  This plan can help you begin that process. Please read it, get out your pens, and mark it up with your own comments. This document is not only relevant for those who worked on it or those who speak out at community meetings; this document is for every Molokai resident from opio to makua to kupuna.

Stay tuned for upcoming community meetings where you can voice your input on the plan in an open and positive environment. With your help this initial vision can evolve into a truly workable plan for a better Molokai. The strength of Molokai's future depends on our ability to unite as a community and to take an active and pono role in shaping our future.   I MUA KAKOU.  EO MOLOKAI NUI A HINA.


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