Broken Youth Rally

Called2impact News Release

For the first time, the Broken Youth Rally is coming to Molokai. Performances from Impact 808 and Landon Mauricio will transform the way you think and illustrate that anything is possible. Live music, exciting performances, and an awe inspiring message awaits you at Broken Youth Rally. It’s a rally for the youth, but it’s really for all ages.

Everyone is broken. When presented with the question “How are you doing?” our response most of the time is “I’m OK.” This Broken Youth Rally will bring students to the realization that we all are broken, in one way or another.

The mission is to reach the broken, and allowing the truth to transform them. This includes suicide, self-harm, self-image, addictions, drugs, pornography, alcohol, peer-pressure, bullying, abusive relations, family issues, anger, depression, gossip and self-worth. Local Molokai churches will also be coming together for this event.

The Broken Youth Rally will be held on Friday, Aug. 18 at the Molokai Community Health Center from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Admission is free and parents and students of all ages welcome.

For more information, email Landon@called2impact.org.


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