Broadband Infrastructure Program Will Begin on Molokai

Oceanit News Release

Oceanit recently announced that their team will lead an initiative to implement accessible broadband infrastructure across Hawaiian Home Lands. Oceanit’s work is a collaborative effort with the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) and is a significant step toward addressing digital equality for Native Hawaiians, while also boosting the state’s economic diversity. Oceanit’s work is a vital part of a broader, nationwide endeavor to extend high-speed broadband access for all.

Oceanit is commencing work in 2024 with Molokai as an initial focus for implementation. The collaborative initiative will benefit both current and future Native Hawaiian residents by enhancing reliable broadband access and providing digital literacy training through community anchor institutions. These facilities may be schools, libraries, health centers, or community support organizations, differing depending on the location of Hawaiian Home Land and the surrounding residents’ needs.
Broadband is a pivotal modern communication utility, transcending geographical barriers and providing access to information and vital services such as online learning, government resources, telehealth, remote work, job opportunities, emergency services, and communication tools. However, despite broadband’s significance, over 44,000 households in Hawaii lack broadband connectivity, perpetuating inequalities and hindering economic growth.
In Hawaii, rural areas, low-income families, and marginalized communities, including Native Hawaiians, experience a large share of this digital inequality. More than one in three Native Hawaiians lack sufficient access to digital services. To tackle this divide, Oceanit is partnering with the DHHL under the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program. The work is bolstered by the U.S. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and will significantly expand broadband access on all Hawaiian Home Lands.

The journey towards universal broadband access will directly benefit communities and businesses in Hawaii, facilitating entrepreneurship and economic diversification, beyond a tourism-reliant economy. Increased broadband connectivity will unlock new opportunities for work, education, and the revitalization of communities. As Hawaii strives towards a more inclusive and prosperous future, Oceanit remains committed to bridging the digital divide and driving disruptive innovations in Hawaii.
To learn more about the Federal “Internet For All” initiative, visit internetforall.gov/funding-recipients/department-hawaiian-home-lands-dhhl, or visit dhhl.hawaii.gov/broadband/ to learn more about Hawaii’s efforts.


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