Bringing Home the Meat

Molokai slaughterhouse re-opens for business on Wednesdays.

By Melissa Kelsey

Living a sustainable lifestyle on Molokai is not always glamorous. The Molokai slaughterhouse has re-opened for business, but its set-up has changed. Molokai Homestead Livestock Association President Viola Mundrick explained that the slaughterhouse is now open on Wednesdays, but is following a minimal business plan of only slaughtering animals – sales and marketing services are currently on hold.

“We are no longer doing a retail sale,” said Mundrick. “We do not want to mislead people into thinking we are operating in the same way we were before.”

The slaughterhouse directors are volunteering their time once a week to run the business and bring the organization out of debt. Four of the volunteers are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified to monitor hazards and ensure food safety.         

“The business is open on a dime,” explained Mundrick.

The slaughterhouse is accepting only home kills at $100 for cattle and $50 for swine. They are also accepting goats and deer. Customers are offered free hang for 24 hours, and charged $10 for each additional day of hang time.         


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