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Boys Volleyball Starts Season with Split

Photo by Lee DeRouin.

By The Molokai Dispatch Staff

The Farmers Volleyball team won a game and lost a game during last weekend’s season starter hosting Seabury at The Barn. 

“Last night and today was a blessing just to have boys’ volleyball back in competition mode. To have fans cheer on our kids brought happiness to The Barn,” said Head Coach Hale Domingo on Saturday. 

Friday’s game closed with Molokai taking the win over Seabury 3-2. Molokai’s Jaydon Kaupu got 20 kills, Dreydon Garces had 18 kills and three aces, and Elijah Kadowaki had 12 kills and 35 assists. 

“Friday night was as exciting as it could get, point after point, play after play, squeeze okole action,” said Domingo. “Having only two players who were in the program when COVID hit, we knew that it was going to be a challenge, and we were up for it. They played hard and with a little push from the fans we won our home opener. Saturday was a different story; we came out flat and Seabury took full advantage of it. We were there through the whole game but could not finish.”

Seabury took the win on Saturday with a 3-0 score. 

Win or lose, both teams were happy just to be in the game. 

“It is so nice being able to play volleyball again,” said Seabury Coach Joshua Kylhavy-Sutherland. “We had absolutely no idea what the Molokai squad was going to be like after two years off volleyball. It’s awesome to see that they are tough, scrappy, and talented volleyball players. Every point was a battle and I am grateful for that. Looking forward to the rest of the matches we have against Molokai this season.”

The two teams will have a rematch this weekend, with Molokai traveling to Seabury. 

“Overall, I was very proud of our boys, with a little practice and patience for the game we will be ready for our next games,” said Domingo. “Just wanted to say thanks to the fans, the parents, Lee and Eric for bringing The Barn back to life!”


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