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Boys Paddling Make Personal Best

The Molokai boys’ paddling team reached their personal goal of beating Maui High to the finish line in last week’s final race of the day, coming in at 4:21.64. They also raced their best time of the season in the first race, at 4:07, qualifying them for the final race, and placed fifth overall.

“The boys were stoked, and so was I,” said coach Dave Gilliland. “It was just a great race for us.” The boys and girls paddle races were moved to Kahului Harbor, instead of Ka Lae Pohaku due to flooding from the inclement weather.

The boys set a new goal to defeat Kamehameha Maui, who was just a few seconds ahead of them in the final race – despite a broken paddle.

Dustin Bishaw suffered from the broken handle, who adapted to the setback like a pro.

“He didn’t even miss a beat…just kind of muscled through,” Gilliland said. “A little icing on the result, the fact that they did it Molokai style.”

The boys will take a break from competition to focus on the Jan. 29 race at Hanakao`o. Gilliland said they are treating it like their state race, and their goal is to break into the top three.

He also thanked his support staff of local paddlers, such as Adolph Helm, who “really stepped up and helped with the journey, and passed on their mana`o.”

The girls’ paddling team also gained a victory last weekend, coming in a very close second to Seabury Hall in the final race.

“What a race, what a race,” said coach Tania Kaholoaa. “We (Seabury and Molokai) went into the turn together on the way home, and were 10 feet in front the last…15 feet of the race, where Seabury nosed [us] out.”

The girls came in at 4:30.03 to Seabury’s 4:27.76.

“We did fine, just little things we got to clean up on,” she added.

The girls will compete this weekend in Kahuluhi Harbor, on Jan. 22.


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