Boys Basketball Ends Season in Fourth

Entering the boys basketball season, coach Carl Adolpho Jr. called the year a building period. Two weeks ago, the boys ended their season earning fourth place at Maui Interscholastic League (MIL) Championships.

“We thought we could do better, but it was a good experience for me as a first-year coach and for the team,” said Adolpho.

After coming close to beating Seabury in the regular season—sometimes, just a few points away from victory — Adolpho said the team was excited to get a chance to play them again in their first match-up of the MIL championship.

However, tournament ended for the Farmers in a 35-58 upset that Thursday. Adolpho said while making shots was the team’s difficulty during the game, they greatly improved on their turnovers and passing by the end of the season.

“They put the effort in [during practice], getting a grasp on the plays and understanding the fundamentals of the game,” he said. “…They needed to understand it and in the future, they will improve.”


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