Boxing Victories

By Tom Manangan

On Dec. 11, 2010, three members of the Molokai Southside Boxing Club went to Oahu to participate in Pearlside Boxing Club’s event. Kamaki Manangan, 9, fought in the Junior Division and won his fight by points. He also received a trophy for the most outstanding bout in the Junior Division. Springsteen Stampson, 21, and Simon Blair, 17, fought in the Open Division. Stampson won his fight by points and Blair, who worked hard in every round, just came up short on points.

Congratulations to these Molokai Southside Boxing Club members for their outstanding performances and for representing Molokai with pride. Congratulations also to Adrian Pelayo, aka “Taco Bell,” from Maui Southside Boxing Club, who won his fight and was awarded Fight of the Night.

I would like to thank all of the sponsors who have made it possible for the club to be able to train and travel to participate in this event and the events to come. I would also like to thank Nante Manangan from Maui Southside Boxing Club for taking us under his wing and making is possible to do what we do.


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