Bogus Veteran Board

For years we have dealt with a group of “us guys” who have confirmed our vote for removal, two years ago on June 15, 2019. Our incompetent board recently read our bylaws adopted by resolution of membership on May 25, 2013. They have found that there is no such section that allows “spouses and family members of deceased veterans” the privilege of voting in our organization.

Yet they found the time to revise our current bylaws, Sept. 10, 2020, where a gadoot “appointee” is now the commander.

For the last 15 months, we have patiently waited for the attorney general’s office to address our concerns. We recently found out through the grapevine that there are no criminal charges forthcoming.

Nevertheless, it is not the prerogative of our bogus commander and board members who continues to ignore and refuses to recognize our lawful petition for removal as Hawaii nonprofit corporation, section 414d-138, section G was acted out, June 15, 2019, the entire board and officers was voted out of office.

Therefore, to dictate the process of our next election for board members has no standing.

Sam Kealoha


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