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Blood Quantum Change ‘Nail in the Coffin’

In response to your excellent reporting “Congressman Kahele Visits Molokai” in the Aug. 25 issue. 

The need for changes of our Abbott and Costello government begins with a restitution that releases the “native Hawaiians” from our longtime policy as wards of this crooked state!

There is no such law, at both levels, which promotes the “rehabilitation” nor advocates “the betterment of the conditions” on behalf of the 1/32 blood quantum Hawaiian.

The introduction in the changing of the blood quantum requirement in order to inherit Hawaiian Homes Land falls in line with Hawaii’s latest scam, Act 80, which reduces the successorship qualification of a lease’s spouse, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, etc., from a quarter to 1/32 Hawaiian.

Kalima vs. the State of Hawaii was filed in 1999 and since then, more than 400 of our Na Kupuna O Ka Lahui Hawaii have moved on to their Hawaiian Homestead in the sky. Still, here we are half a century post Statehood, where the vision of our ali’i braddah Jonah is now a mirage to reality. 

And even though this longtime and shameful breach of trust is still pending, a new generation of na i hepa are celebrating our 100-year anniversary of corruption, with their latest nail in the coffin to “native Hawaiian” self-determination!

Samuel L. Kealoha Jr.

Ka’amola, Molokai


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