Blessed to Have Humane Society

We’re blessed to have such a dedicated and compassionate team at the Molokai Humane Society helping control this island’s animal population. In spite of limited enforcement and negligible help from the county, they’ve remained steadfast in their commitment to providing affordable spay/neuter for the people of Molokai at a fraction of what it costs nearly anywhere else. MoHS is a nonprofit. Their responsibility is spay/neuter, and beyond that, the veterinary services they provide are a privilege for this island and there have been many years where there’s been no veterinarian at all.

You might have grown accustomed to 24 hour emergency veterinary services wherever you lived previously. That’s a privilege you sacrificed by choosing to move to a rural island. We’re fortunate to currently have one veterinarian, two vet techs and an executive director who also helps clean up messes made by the patients. These four amazing women have families and lives outside the 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday MoHS clinic. In addition to respecting their private lives, it’s in the best interest of Molokai and it’s animals that they’re well rested so they can fix as many dogs and cats as possible and help keep the animal population from skyrocketing even higher. This isn’t easy when existing county laws that encourage spay/neuter have never been enforced on Molokai.

If you have a pet that’s not fixed, I urge you to call the clinic and schedule the affordable surgery. We also need to accept the fact that MoHS has limited resources and hours. If that doesn’t work for us, it’s on us to make other arrangements. We can learn basic animal first aid or come up with some contingency plan for our pet.

If you chose to move here, you can choose to leave or to accept the fact that it’s impossible for a small staff with limited resources to provide 24 hour emergency care. If you have the means, you can make a substantial financial contribution and services at MoHS could be expanded.

Let’s thank the Molokai Humane Society for what they provide this island, not attack them for what they can’t provide!

Jayson Mizula


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