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Blast from the Past

1989.05.26 Photos

Photo courtesy Lloyd Yonemura.

The unearthing of time capsules at the 75th anniversary of Molokai High School, held last month, brought back many memories. Pictured here are staff and faculty in 1989 from a photo buried at the 50th anniversary.

A letter dated May 26, 1989 from then-principal Clifford Horita expressed wishes from the past.

“When this message is read in the year 2014, we want to wish all of you greetings from 1989,” he wrote. “I hope that Molokai’s ‘friendliest spirit” still exist in 2014 as it is existing today. We wish all of you a successful 75th celebration.”

1989.05.26 Horita Letter

Photo courtesy Lloyd Yonemura.

The letter was carefully wrapped in plastic, along with many other memorabilia, including the May 1989 Anniversary and Senior Special Edition of Ke Kukui `O Molokai, the student newspaper of the high and intermediate schools. The publication highlighted the 50th anniversary activities, campus news and student achievements.


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