Birthday Mahalo

I would like to thank the many wonderful people who helped make the first Hui Pumehana Association birthday celebration a success. We honored the seven 90-year-and-older tenants of Home Pumehana on Aug. 12.

Without the love, care and support of the following people we could not have had such a terrific program. We thank especially Bertha Adachi and Nani Smith for their musical renditions all night.

Mahalo to Kevin Misaki, Jeff Egusa, David Mikami, Pearl Hodgins, Sam Cariaga, Jersula Manaba and staff, Kealoha Laemoa, Mervin Dudoit, Jr., Pat Mims, Jeannette Warlick, Pamelyn Fukuoka, Roy Horner, Mary Kekalia, Drake Wells, Emma Velasco, Karen Joao, Gloryann Kaili, Alice Smith, Rose Omalsa, Carolyn Havens, Joan Wisniski, Jean Behrens, Ron Sakamoto, Linda Demello, Anela Habon, Maria Habon, Wendy Kekahuna, Little Dave, Tiny and Kino Lowe, Robert Giofu, Josiah and Erlinda Betonio, Kanee Wright, Paciencia Esquibal, Ben Manabet, Grace Carlington, Marilyn Meyer, Gladys Brown, Alice Luuloa, Kathy Templeton and of course the members of the honorees’ families who attended the occasion.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart as president of the Hui Home Pumehana Association. God bless each and every one of you.

Amy Dudoit Skelton


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