Bill Medeiros – Maui County Council, East Maui (Incumbent)

On Molokai it’s important to listen to the community and their concerns, recommendations and solutions. These things are important for officials to hear. As a council member we look to members from each district to get idea of where that district is going.

In regards to the economy, the County is considering how to be sure we have money in the budget for infrastructure; building infrastructure will provide work for businesses and people who live here. There is a lot of infrastructure that needs to be replaced like wastewater systems that were installed in early 1970’s and are now starting to give out.

I worked for county for 31 years before retiring and being elected to the County Council. In the last budget we put in 20 million for water and wastewater systems, which, along with highways, are among our highest priorities. This is an excellent means of revitalizing local economy.
We need to be creative to come up with ways to revitalize economy as whole. Bed and breakfast ordinances will be completed shortly, as will ordinances for short-term rentals (transient vacation rentals). We are currently trying to incorporate clauses from the Molokai Planning Commission into the county-wide ordinance.

Healthcare is another big issue. I recently helped bring dialysis treatment services to Hana. I also got Medicare to approve payments in Hana. I am also working on the Maui adult daycare agency where we are planning to rebuild elderly housing using donated acres. These are projects that affect the quality of life.

An advantage I offer residents is a good awareness of our lifestyle in Hawaii. Look at my reelection campaign and candidacy as someone who can relate to the concerns on Molokai because we have same needs in Hana, and the same cultural background. Molokai people can be assured that I have a firm understanding of their needs.


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