Big Thank Yous

My family and I would like to thank all of you who showed us love and support throughout this time. My Brother Gaig was an extraordinary young man. He has touched so many lives. He was an adventurous person; he loved his fishing, diving and hunting and most of all loved his sports and canoe paddling. We spend every family gathering together, from birthdays, to Halloween, family baseball games to just movie nights at home – he spent it with us. He was so fond of his nieces and nephews. He always found time to cruise with them. He also shared so many memories with his cousins. Gaig has saved four lives being in the Hawaii Donor Program. We are all so proud of him, “with one heart he saved lives.” We can say we had the best 19 years of our life with him. There are no words to express our gratitude and greatness to all who have shown their kindness and love.

Thank you Judy Gallaway and her husband for being there for us and blessing our family; the Buchanans, Salvation Army and Aunty Gina, our Juario/Augustiro gang, Dart and Julie Bicoy and ohana,  the Place Ohana, Aunty Lynette and Uncle Scotty, the Torres ohana,  the Lite ohana, Rory Ignacio and ohana, Brent Davis and ohana, Tarrah and Noah, the Lorico ohana , the Yap ohana, Stacy Horner and ohana, the Class of 2010 for all their love and support, Class of 1980, and to all the family and friends that lent a helping hand, donated to our  family and just came down just to keep us laughing and going.

Thank you!
Brej (sister) and ohana


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