Big Strides for Football and Air Riflery

By Maria Angst, Community Reporter 

Photo by Robert Collias.

On Sept. 30, Molokai Football triumphed over Seabury Hall 40-14 in a comeback victory.   

The game kicked off with Seabury Hall taking an early lead in the first quarter. Elima Dagan sprinted 60 yards for a touchdown, but the extra point attempt failed. Molokai quickly responded, with Christian Nip scoring a 14-yard run, followed by a successful pass from Tonka Kalilikane to Kinohi Kaupu. 

The second quarter was all about Molokai’s relentless offense. Kahakoi Lopez caught a 9-yard pass from Kalilikane, widening their lead. Kalilikane further showcased his skills with two consecutive 4-yard and 2-yard runs, though the extra point attempts fell short. 

After halftime, Molokai didn’t let up. Kalilikane exploded with a stunning 57-yard run, leaving Seabury Hall struggling to keep pace. In the final quarter, Kalilikane sealed the victory with a 33-yard run and a successful pass to Clarence Tanabe. 

Molokai’s impressive performance secured their triumph over Seabury Hall, leaving fans in awe of their commanding gameplay. This victory propelled the Farmers to a 4-0 record in the MIL eight-player division, positioning them for a potential seventh consecutive title. With just two regular-season games remaining, they are on the verge of another impressive championship run.

MHS Air Riflery shot high ranking marks in back-to-back postals Sept. 30 and Oct 7. 

Top shooters on Sept. 30 for the girls were No’eau Lenwai in 15th place and Zaylynn Satele-Tangonan 54th place. Top placers for the boys were Kaldryn Lenwai in 10th place, Nykee Naeole-Starky in 45th place, and Jaden Sasade in 48th. Other shooters competing included Mason Habon, Randyn Cabreros, Malie Kaahanui, Alexis Bishaw-Juario, Aiko Kanemitsu, and Kaizen Lenwai. 

Top shooters on Oct. 7 for the girls were No’eau Lenwai in 39th place and Zaylynn Satele-Tangonan in 46th place. For the boys, top finishers were Kaldryn Lenwai in 21th place, Jaden Sasade in 36th, and Nykee Naeole-Starky in 53rd place. Other shooters competing included Randyn Cabreros, Mason Habon, Kaizen Lenwai, Malie Kaahanui, Alexis Bishaw-Juario, and Aiko Kanemitsu.

The team has improved exceedingly through the weeks and hope to keep up the efforts as they approach the MIL Championships on Oct. 21.


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