Bettering Business

Chamber of Commerce facilitates over 200 ID cards and elects new members.

By Brandon Roberts

Sitting quietly behind Molokai businesses is the Chamber of Commerce, which works tirelessly to improve the efficiency of local industry, and save us all some money.

The Chamber’s most recent success enabled individuals to attain Transportation Workers Identification Credentials (TWIC) which allow entry to Kaunakakai wharf for those needing to pick-up or drop-off freight. The identification card will be required no later than April 15, 2009 with the actual date to be determined by the Coast Guard.

Lockheed-Martin, the private contractor hired to process the cards by the Department of Homeland Security, was asked to come to Molokai by the Chamber. The Chamber partnered with the Kahu`o Business Center, and set up a processing tent outside the center’s office.

During the week-long registration, the Chamber successfully enrolled over 200 people. The TWIC card costs $132.50, however, the registration was only available on Oahu or Maui, which would have made Molokai businesses and individuals incur the costs of travel, easily doubling the price.

A Lockheed-Martin representative gave all credit to the Chamber; “without the Chamber, this would not have been possible.”

Amidst TWIC registrations, the Chamber held a membership meeting on May 14 at Hotel Molokai to elect new board members. This year’s new members are Teri Waros and Illona Honig, who will be replacing Tom Hollowman and Charlene Aquino, along with Pearlie Hodgins who was re-elected. Other members include President Barbara Haliniak, Beverly Pauole-Moore, Ray Foster, and Liette Corpus. 

The Chamber’s future plans include the Molokai Made in Hawaii web site, which will be fully functioning later this fall. Island businesses and entrepreneurs will be able to market and advertise products through this on-line vehicle for free.

The Chamber’s annual meeting will be held June 25 at 6 p.m. in the QLCC family room, and will include a $15 Chinese dinner. The event will feature the installation of new board members performed by County Councilman Danny Mateo.

For information and inquires, email the Chamber at molokaichamber@hawaiiantel.biz, or call 553-4482.


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