The Best Thing About Molokai is the People…

Letter to the Editor

I wanted to tell the newspaper about my family's experience this past March vacationing on Molokai. My wife and I and our three children had a wonderful experience at the Molokai Ranch Beach Village as well as traveling around Molokai and enjoying the wonderful feeling of the island. We had a very special time getting to know Anakala Pilipo Solatorio, the Hawaiian culture teacher at the Molokai Ranch.

We live in New Jersey, and we had only visited Hawaii once before, ten years ago. We didn't know what to expect with Molokai. Well…the island is refreshingly different, is totally real, and is one of the world's beautiful places. The best thing among the many great things about Molokai is the people. We came away with a respect and admiration for Hawaiian people and culture and Hawaiian history. The staff at the Lodge and Beach Village were great. (I hope Ruby likes my drawing that I gave her.) We're grateful to Anakala Pilipo for teaching us about Hawaiian culture, including how to play Hawaiian bowling, ulu maika (did I spell it right?). I almost beat him at bowling the first time I played it. (More likely Pilipo was cutting me some slack.)

Our kids were fascinated with what they learned about Hawaiian culture. We won't ever forget the magnificent hike we took along the Kapa'a Trail and coast to La'au Point. We hiked for miles along beautiful white beaches and wild lava shore without seeing other people. Where else in Hawaii could you do that? We hope that La'au Point can always be the jewel that it now is, and that the people of Molokai never lose sight of the riches of the wonderful place they live.


Richard Preston and family

Hopewell, New Jersey


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