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Bennett Pottery Annual Show and Sale

Bennett Pottery News Release

One of the first human technologies was the creation of fire-hardened clay.  In pre-industrial societies artisan/craft people and their families, and then craft guilds created items of daily use.  Goods were produced locally and the household had direct contact with the creator.  In some cultures, due to the reverence for the marriage of earth and nature, ceramics is esteemed as the highest form of art.  The trade of valued items such as ceramics influenced early geo-politics.

Today, archaeologists trace the development of cultures through the remnant pieces of ceramic ware.  The introduction of the English and Japanese folk art movement into the universities of the 1950s rekindled ceramics as an art form in the U.S.

Dan Bennett has been making functional ceramics on Molokai in this tradition since 1974 and believes that a durable, useful and aesthetically pleasing work can enhance one’s appreciation of daily living through the use of handmade ceramic work.  Bennett produces a wide variety of items for the community that reflect his interest in English and Japanese forms and techniques. The pieces are usable in the oven, safe for washing in the dishwasher, and can be used in a microwave oven.  This year has seen a growth in his glaze color palette with the addition of several new glazes.

The public is invited to view and purchase work at his home studio on Nov. 30, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.  The studio can be found on Analu Place in Kala`e.  Call 567-6585 for directions and further information.  Appointments will be accepted for additional or private showings.


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