The Beauty of Molokai Remains

By Steve and Linda and the D'Agati Family

Mahalo to your beautiful island and people. We enjoyed all of your smiles, kind guidance and knowledge, and patience for our many silly haole questions during our visit.

Molokai was very gracious, something I would like to take home and practice in our Ohana. We learned the spirit of many things: Ha, Ohana, Aloha, Mahalo, Keiki, and Kupuna.

We learned the story of Mau, the great Master Navigator, and Nainoa Thompson, his sailing student, at the Kulani Oiwi. Thank you to the families that helped put on this presentation and the delicious treats of poi and sweet potato you made. I was amazed and inspired by his great story- and your kindness of family.

We learned of Kalaupapa, its tragedies, hope, and blessings. A special thank you to the people of Kalawao County for allowing us to visit as guests, and to 'Laki' who was sure-footed along the way and carried me carefully when I could not do so myself. It was quite an education.

We learned how to swim again – how good that felt. The sea and sun and air and mountains felt good. We stopped by many churches, all beautiful.

We walked a lot. We saw the many activities for your children– paddling, learning to swim in the harbor, jogging with the coach/teacher of the canoe club, the library, many games of baseball and soccer on your playing field during the day and night, a skateboard park, and simply playing outside. Everyone was happy, healthy, and strong. I saw very few people, if any, smoking. I'm glad you don't have downtown bars or stoplights. Family was everywhere. I saw great respect for elders. The Native Spirit and the people of Molokai are strong as far as I can see.

A big shout-out goes to Rose, Janelle, Carol Harms, Buzzy and Crew, Shawn, and the Cookhouse Crew, and also to all of the shopkeepers, the Visitors Association, and residents for your kokua and kindness, and smiles. You know who you are. Also, mahalo to your newspaper which kept us informed about Molokai Ranch and La`au Pt. We support Native sovereignty and rights and hope these issues will be resolved as the native people who live on Molokai decide their fate. We hope Molokai remains Molokai. I remember visiting as a young boy in 1969 and the beauty and love of your island is still here. I hope it stays that way.

Like a good guest, we returned home happily without overstaying our welcome, I hope, or using much water on the West End of the Island.

We bring home these good things learned, your smiles and kind words, to our own community, Humboldt County in California– about 2,000 miles northeast across the ocean on the rugged coast. Your Aloha spirit and heart is as large as our redwood trees– really big.

Mahalo, my friends. Thank you and Aloha,

Steve and Linda and the D'Agati Family

Ps: Our sadness and regret goes out to the McCarty family and their dog, Hunny. This is a very sad thing for such a loyal companion of many dear years. We were deeply touched.


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