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Bead-Making Workshop

Molokai Arts Center News Release

Molokai Arts Center is pleased to announce a new class offering beginning in April 2012. Yoellah Yuhudah will teach the art of glass and clay bead making beginning on Tuesday April 17 2012 from 4 to 6 p.m. for an eight-week session. This art is also called “lampworking.”

In this structured curriculum, students will learn to make perfectly round beads as well as glass techniques like flowers, raking stripes and dragging techniques to create shapes and feather colors. The emphasis will be on safety and proper use of tools including the mandrell, the torch and various materials. There will be $20 fee for the introductory materials. The class is open to all members of Molokai Arts Center and youths aged 12 and up with parental consent. Preregistration is required by calling Yoellah at (808) 276-0086.

In creating her own style of glass beads, Maui and Molokai resident, African American artist Yoellah Yuhudah fulfills her dream of being a glass artist. “I’m one of those late blooming artist who raised my children while I put myself through school and tried to enjoy life as it came my way,” Yoellah said. “My life’s pathway has taught me to be a patient and appreciative artist and art teacher,” she added.

A 20-plus year resident of Hawaii, Yuhudah earned her BA in art in 2009, majoring in ceramics with a focus in glass at the University of Hawaii. At UH Manoa art school, Yoellah devoted three semesters to glass blowing and lampworking. In addition, she studied glass bead making with Oahu community based artist Althea Donovan who taught art in community center settings.

“Althea gave me the idea of teaching in parks and recreation settings, and making my teaching more accessible,” she said. Yoellah explained her purpose for sharing her creative skills is two-fold: “I have a strong desire to share with emerging artists my knowledge of art making as a means of promoting social engagement and community building,” she said. “Art brings out the elements of community because art is so diverse and rich with cultural difference we can all appreciate.”


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  1. yoellahyuhudah says:

    Is there a way to view the entire article? I have some footage of of the art class of the Molokai glass class, would you like to add it to your online site? Yo.

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