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To Be Indigenous or Not

The Congress debate on the Akaka Bill showed how spin doctor politicians can interject their talking points, for instance the race card to muddy the truth. 
Fact—there are three indigenous groups in America—Native American Indian, Native Alaskan and Native Hawaiian.  The US gave legal recognition to the American Indians and the Native Alaskans as indigenous people to inherit rights to land and culture.  Why not Native Hawaiians?  Are Native Hawaiians less indigenous?  Many don’t want to validate the existence of Native Hawaiians and history of the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani.  They pick and choose the history and justice.
There is a tsunami of reasons why we need to make pono Native Hawaiian issues.  Start with the State of Hawaii using stimulus money to put all wind and solar energy on Kaho’olawe and selling it to all island electric companies generating billions of dollars for Hawaii’s people. 
Would the lives of George Helm, Kimo Mitchell and all who fought for change and justice in a peaceful manner agree???
More hello—no more furlough.
Larry Helm, Native Hawaiian
Concerned citizen


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