Aunty’s Corner

Column by Kathy “Kapua” Templeton

Aloha, aunty here…What do you do for a bad hair day? Lawdy, Lawdy, Ms. Claudy, my hair is going junk in this humidity.  Any suggestions are gladly accepted.
My cat, Mimisan, got her head stuck in a plastic mayo jar the other day and went ballistic.  Thanks to Taylor’s quick response he was able to catch her and take the jar off and put her down.  She promptly ran into the unit they are fixing and hid under the equipment there, howling loudly.  Thanks to John, who likes my cat – he was able to catch her and calm her while I came to get her.  She would not go out all day and then she wouldn’t leave my side.  Poor thing, so scared.  Curiosity killed the cat, my mom always said.

Try the morning swim at the pool.  They open at 7 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There is something really cool to be the first ones in the pool and make the first splash.  The water seems to be the warmest then.

Aunty Pasing had her 79th birthday last week.  Whoa, tons of food and music.  Great fun with all the neighbors there to enjoy a birthday.

I have started school once again.  I’m the oldest one there but one of my previous classmates was there so I didn’t feel so lost.  I always get so worried when I first start.  Now all I have to do is study!! So you’re not alone in the stress of the first day of school.  Aunty is right with you!

Maricelle and her husband, at Take’s, are so helpful.  Maricelle gives 100 percent in customer service and her husband offered to find special cat litter that they had had previously but don’t have any longer.  I call that great service.  I don’t know the name of the young man next door at Napa but he is also very helpful.  One day I had a huge box to carry in and there was no one else around so I huiii’d him from across the street and he came right over and helped me.  Mahalo to you all!

Be sure to come to our exciting 25th Anniversary celebration of The Molokai Dispatch newspaper.  While doing the scanning into the archives I was able to follow the changes in the paper’s news and style. 

Well, this is all for now but I want to leave you with a thought, this is for you ladies:  overheard in the Dispatch office, “how come hurricanes are called hurricanes and not himicanes?” Ever think of that? Hug your kids, feed the dog, pet the cat, kiss your sweetie, and malama your mama.  Aunty Kapua


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