Aunty’s Corner

Aloha, Aunty here again.  I have been in a blue funk for the last week.  Who knows why but I just wasn’t going to go to the Parade of Lights, but then I thought I just better get my elemu out the door and stop this nonsense.  I am so glad I did! What great lights! How ever did they get to do the lights without electricity? Amazing. Maika`i no, maika`i no!

Wow, I was given the best smelling lotion and soap.  It smells just like Christmas. But I had the worst allergic reaction ever.  Don’t you just hate it when that happens?  That’s why I’m so worried about buying perfume for people.  Do you have the same problem?

Home Pumehana celebrated their 30th year anniversary.  My neighbor Aunty J is the longest tenant living there. I love to listen to her talk story about all the people and events. She is also the past president of the hui. I am hoping that next year someone will step up to the plate and take over for me. We are in the midst of getting ready for our Christmas Dinner and Party.  I hope to decorate it to look like a fairyland.  Mahalo to all who are helping.  Could not do it without all the volunteers.

I met Uncle Mac Poepoe at Home Pumehana, he was talking story with some of the residents. He is so knowledgeable about Mo`omomi. Have you seen his Pono Fishing Calendar? Come into the Dispatch to pick up a copy.  He told me that these are the last of his calendars. He’s not doing anymore so perhaps someone else will carry on.

Mahalo Ke Akua for ka ua ika nani, the beautiful rain. We were so parched. There was a river running through my back yard.  Please drive safely in the weather.  I do worry about everyone out on the roads.

I went into Wai Ola O Hina the other day, I think I’ll go in for a massage.  I also went into Kalele Bookstore.  Wow, they have so many wonderful things there for stocking stuffers and more. I send all my family items from her bookstore. Another place I checked out is Kamakana Country Store.  She was the owner of the Bamboo Pantry.  Her country store is a feast for the eyes. Have you seen the sign up for where the pet store is going to be?  Woo hoo, don’t you just love to go in there and look at the parrots?  My hair dresser was going to move in there.  Perhaps she’s going into the pet store. Kinda like musical chairs.  Someone mentioned that we need a musical store in town where musicians can get supplies and customers can get music or CDs.  Any takers?

My Christmas break will be from Dec. 19 to Jan. 5, 2011.  Mele kalikimaka a me hauolimaka hiki hou.  God bless.  Have a wonderful holiday.  Ua lawa paha keia a hui hou kakou.  Aloha no, Aunty Kapua   


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