Aunty’s Corner

Aloha, Aunty here.  Pehea oe? Maika`i no au?  I hope I do this correctly.  I’m so enjoying my class.  My kumu, Hokulani Holt-Padilla, makes it so interesting that I found that I forgot to take notes.  Todd suggested that I use a tape recorder. Monday and Wednesday we give our final presentation.  I am way nervous but my team mates are so good that I have no worries.  We should have an A, not to brag too much. 

My neighbors and I went to Coffees of Hawaii on Sunday. I have not been there in days! So good to see all the folks there.  The stage has been rearranged so that there is more room to do hula. There is also a Queen’s Chair and of course Aunty Julia sits in it as she says she’s the pretty one.  I love to dance with DJ and his haumana are so fabulous.  My neighbor saw the haumana dance at the movie festival and came home and raved about them. He’s pretty particular with how hula is danced so way to go everyone!  I do miss our kupuna Aunty Dora and Aunty Ku`ulei.  Hopefully Aunty Ku`ulei will be able to come back again to lend her sweet voice to the songs.

.  Malama kou aloha, Aunty Kapua  


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