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Column by Kathy Templeton

I found that I’m too old to stay up all night and go to work the next day like I did when younger.  Ten of my neighbors and I were evacuated to Kualapu`u school during the tsunami. The wonderful Kualapu`u Store came with hot chocolate, two cases of water, peanut butter and jelly, and crackers.  We all were so tired we couldn’t sleep.  Have you been that way?  We were protected by two really wonderful firefighters.  Mahalo nui loa to all of you.  My heart goes out to all of you who had damage to your property and to the many people who lost everything in Japan.  I’ve never seen anything like they shown on TV. 

Blaine at Subway has the greatest personality.  He reminds me of the fish sellers at Seattle’s Pike Place market, where the salesmen throw the fish back and forth with a great banter to go with it.  People stand forever watching them.

Mahalo to my two neighbors, Maria and Jeanne, who stepped in when Aunty Gladys and I couldn’t be at the Dispatch to help insert the papers last week.   I couldn’t have gone to my doctor appointments with a clear mind without you my friends.   Aunty Maria will be helping every week from now on.

I met one of the ladies that help my daughter when she ran into the tree limb. I am so thankful for your help to her, Jade. I also met a wonderful couple and their darling boy yesterday at the Dispatch.  The father was from Russia and the mother was from Estonia.  We learned all about their countries and how they compared to America.  Their little boy was the happiest boy for his age. 

My neighbor, Jesse, has a beautiful front yard at his unit.  He grows all kinds of plants, one of which are tomatoes.  He knows that I have trouble growing tomatoes so he promised me his first one.  I just ate it today, ono, Jesse! Mahalo plenty for the treat.  Dang, I can’t grow them.

Love and laughter, Aunty Kapua


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