Aunty’s Corner

Aloha, Aunty here…well, call me crazy but I’m crazy about the feral chickens we have around the place.  We can’t feed them but there are four roosters and a hen that come running when they see us sitting outside! There are several roosters that start jumping up and down and their neck feathers are all fluffed up.  I hate chicken fighting but watching these roosters decide who the boss is a hoot. 

Speaking of birds, my little Kolea is back.  He didn’t get here until early this month.  I was so worried I called Arleone to find out why my bird didn’t come back and she told me that the male birds come later than the females.  Perhaps the boys had to stop and ask for directions. Tee hee.

Does anyone know anything about the cannon that was moved to the Armory? Anakala Pilipo was asking The Dispatch to get the word out that Maui or the Big Island wants to take it.  If anyone knows anything can you give me a call at 552-2781? I’d really appreciate it.  I’ve called several people but they didn’t know anything about it.  As I learned in an old “Looking for the Cannon” query in the June 15, 1989 Molokai Dispatch, the cannon was possibly part of King Kalakaua’s Austrian battery.  In an effort to build up the military arsenal of the Kingdom, King Kalakaua corresponded with Emperor Franz Joseph for the purchase of Prussian arms.  As a special favor extended to no other government, the Austrian government allowed His Majesty to purchase a battery of these guns consisting of six pieces as well as mountain battery of four pieces.  In 1989, the Iolani Palace began a search for the cannon but nothing has been mentioned regarding it thus far. Please call us if you know anything more about this.  Mahalo.

Have you checked out the new General Store? I really recommend it.  So many nooks and crannies to look at.  I went on a Saturday and there is a lady that works with a quilting machine.  Fascinating to watch it work.  It certainly makes it faster to quilt.  At the Drug Store on the prescription counter is a box that says “Do You Know Who Is in Your Medicine Cabinet?” Open the box, it’s an eye opener!

Well, it seems I’ve rattled on enough.  I’ll leave you with this tidbit I found.  Butterflies taste with their feet! Hope they’re clean.  Pet the dog, feet the cat, hug your children, kiss your sweetie and malama your mama.  A hui hou, Aunty Kapua


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