Aunty’s Corner

Column by Kathy Templeton

Aloha aunty here… Sorry to miss last week, I had my knee finally fixed and was home with my knee up.  Wish I could have been eating bon-bons but no luck!  Thank goodness Aunty Kawila put the Wahine U`i O Molokai on summer break as I can’t dance for a while.  My daughter, Noelanikuuipo, or Wendy for short, has been helping me and I do so appreciate it.  Now that I can get around better, she’s off to the beaches.  I think that if she could, she’d live at Papohaku forever. 

There have been many people coming in for their passport pictures.  A customer is going to Switzerland.  How lucky, I’ve always have wanted to see that part of the world.  I hear the lakes are really beautiful; must be cold though.

My pen pal since seventh grade lives in New Zealand.  I’ve been keeping in touch with her about the earthquakes there in Christchurch.  She said that her back yard has liquefied so she’s not sure she’ll be able to live in her house anymore.  Wow, thank goodness she and her family are alright but awe for those who are homeless, injured and have lost their lives.  I send my prayers their way.

I saw a lovely lady in the drug store the other day and she was wearing this beautiful green and white flower in her hair.  These flowers are made by Valerie Dudiot-Temahaga.  You can see all the wonderful flowers she makes at the Saturday market.  Also made on the island are flowers for the hair that have jewels in the middle.  My youngest granddaughter went wild for them.  They are made by Nani Kahinu and you can find them at the iCandies store. Now if I had enough hair to wear them. Shop till you drop!

I shall be out and about more now, just don’t ask me to run fast.  Love, aloha and laughter, Aunty Kapua


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