Aunty’s Corner

Aloha Aunty here. The Ahahui Ka`ahumanu Chapter VIII has invited six new members to join, including me!  What a prestigious honor.  I’m only Hawaiian by hana`i to my beautiful Hawaiian sister. These new members will be sworn in in September.  

My daughter is back on island.  I said welcome home since she’s been here so much.  I’m headed to Queen’s to have my knee fixed up so she came to help me.  Of course, she’ll get to go to the beach and look for shells.  That’s always her favorite thing to do.  She wasn’t able to refill her medications at home before she came so the fabulous pharmacy staff at Molokai Drugs was able to get this done for her.  They are so helpful to all who come there.

Our dear neighbor, Aunty Panana, is home from the hospital.  I cannot say enough about the care she received there.  All the staff was exceptional in giving their time, aloha and care.  Maria and I thank you greatly.  I was going up so often to see Aunty that I began to feel like I was at home.  I had wanted to be a nurse in my younger years, but auwe, too old now.

I wonder which building will be finished first, the Catholic Church or the new fire station?  I’m so excited about the church.  We had to sit outside if we were late for the start of church.  Now we’ll be inside and all will be able to see and hear.  I’m excited about the fire station too, it looks so big sitting up on the hill as if it were a castle.  I wonder what’s going to happen with the old fire station? Maybe Mr. Schonely will get to move into a room with windows.  He is in the back of our office here at the Dispatch.  There are no windows there so he goes swimming at the pool every lunch hour so he can see daylight. 

Speaking of the pool, I understand that the pool will be open in the evenings Wednesdays and Fridays.  I have to go swimming as part of my physical therapy.  Woo wee that water is cold when you first get in!

Aunty Gladys puts out a newsletter for the AARP members on island.  She has many interesting items in it so I’m borrowing this note from her letter: “Watch out for kids during the summer.  With no school they will be walking around looking for something to do.  Let them pass even if they are not in the crosswalks.  Many of them will be available for odd jobs.  Got anything you can use a youngster to do?” Mahalo, Aunty. Great suggestion!

Have you been to the Blue Monkey? You really should go because it’s different than the Big Wind Kite Factory.  Jonathan’s son Zach runs the operation and the business has the coolest printer ever! It can make posters, copies and even copies of blue prints.  We’ve had several requests for that service so this is really great they have the machine as our copier won’t make that big of size prints! Don’t you just love the name?

Ua lawa paha keia a hui hou kakou [this is perhaps enough until we meet next time].  Aloha no, Aunty Kapua


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