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Audibel Hearing Center Provides Care on Molokai

Audibel Hearing Center News Release

One of Stephanie Crabbe’s greatest joys is playing a pivotal role in helping people regain their hearing. “It is life-changing when someone can suddenly hear,” says Stephanie, owner of Audibel Hearing Center, which will be offering visits on Molokai this week.

Stephanie has witnessed amazing transformations — for example: first-time patients who are sad and withdrawn are suddenly elated from recovering the precious sense of hearing. She enjoys seeing how those individuals quickly become more active members of the community, regain lost relationships and just enjoy life more.

Audibel Hearing Center is a family owned clinic that opened in October 2012. Stephanie, licensed Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences, welcomes clients for a complimentary initial visit. She conducts a hearing test and full evaluation to determine the level each individuals hearing loss. “The hearing test and consultation are free of charge,” states Stephanie, “this is a community service that we provide because it’s important for people to know the degree of their hearing loss.”

Stephanie couldn’t be prouder of her family-friendly practice: “We are different from other hearing centers; our atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable and we enjoy getting to know our patients on a more personal level.” She looks forward to bringing this same service to the island of Molokai.

While most of Stephanie’s patients are older adults, it is important to understand that people of all ages experience hearing loss. “One in five Americans has some type of hearing loss,” she explains. “People between the ages of 65 and 74 have a one in three chance of being diagnosed with hearing loss. And the frustrations of hearing loss don’t just affect one person,” Stephanie says, “hearing loss impacts the spouse, family, friends and the overall socialization of any one who struggles to hear. Stephanie knows this first hand since she lost hearing in her left ear at a young age and has been wearing a hearing instrument for almost 20 years.

If a patient is diagnosed with a sensorineural hearing loss, a hearing aid for amplification is recommended. All products offered at Audibel are custom fit to the user’s unique loss, and Stephanie is highly skilled and experienced in the fitting of custom made and invisible hearing devices.

Stephanie will be visiting Molokai on Friday, Feb. 16. To schedule a free consultation or more for information, visit HonoluluAudibelHearing.com or call (808) 536-5797.


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